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$5,000 Reward For Missing Billy Meier Photo.

OCTOBER 24, 2020 BY MH ( Michael Horn)

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Large Reward Offered For Return Of Missing Photo Of Extraterrestrial Woman, Billy Meier, And Beamship (UFO)

$5,000.00 REWARD!

A $5,000 (US) reward will be given to the person who returns, or provides information that leads to the return, to Billy Meier, of one or more of his photo(s), from 1976, that show Semjase, Billy Meier and Semjase`s beamship (UFO) in a single image.

No legal charges of any kind will be made against the person or persons involved in facilitating the safe return of the photo(s). The photo(s) must be in good condition, so as to allow for clear identification of Billy Meier, Semjase and the beamship (UFO).

A few days ago, Billy Meier received a phone call from an unidentified man who said that, some time ago, he’d seen a photo on US television of Billy Meier and Semjase standing in front of a beamship. While he did not recall the name of the show, or documentary, the man wanted to know if he could get a copy of the photo, as no such photo has been published to date by Billy Meier. Meier told the man that he was sorry that he could not provide a copy since this photo, and many others, were stolen before he had a chance to publish them.

A roll of film of 36 photos were taken at the 59th contact near Altmatt in the Canton Schwyz in Switzerland on June 28th, 1976.

Below is a painting that fairly resembles the photo taken. However, the actual background was a forest, with a meadow in the foreground, as is very typical of the Swiss landscape:

Here’s a brief excerpt from the 59th Contact: where Meier speaks about taking the photos:


Okay, but one more question: It would be very valuable for us if we could film and photograph good tracks of your ships. Would it be possible for you to ‘ground’ the two barges instead of letting them float, so that the plate marks in the grass would be visible, which we could then capture on film?

Here are four photos displaying the landing tracks in 1976 (“Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte, Block 2, page 254):

Please, spread this message, so that these precious photos are returned to their rightful owner!

$5,000.00 REWARD!

NOTE: The verified funds for the reward have been donated by an anonymous supporter of the Billy Meier contacts.