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About Billy

“Billy” Eduard Albert Meier (BEAM)

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier (BEAM), the controversial author and teacher, was born in Bülach, Switzerland on the 3rd of February, 1937 and currently resides at the Semjase-Silver-Star-Center (SSSC), Hinterschmidrüti, Switzerland, which he helped build and establish. For over 80 years he has been regularly communicating face to face and telepathically with extraterrestrial human beings, inadvertently educating him, and publishing that information in glorious detail. As might be envisaged over such a brilliant quantity of time for an unprecedented UFO related happening; they’ve managed to explain everything in full, clarifying the entire story, with extraordinarily interesting facts, opinions and perspectives emerging over the decades. Making him a thoroughly interesting gentleman. It has all been inciting enough to initiate many thousands of readers from around the world to read into everything and take interest in his story and life. He’s had a life rich with all manner of experiences and accomplishments, in many countries, many of which were difficult, many thoroughly normal and boring too, nonetheless personally important and useful for his evolution and mission in life. He is among the very few individuals who have put their entire life out into the public domain, nevertheless he’s a relatively private man who averts showmanship – a reasonable amount of his written works have a somewhat serious tone, dealing with substantial matters of importance and worth.

Word About Billy by Eva Bieri

Much has been written about Eduard Albert Meier, who is called Billy, and much of it has been far from being flattering or objective. It seems that every human has his own subjective concept of what, or rather who, Billy Meier is. The fewest know him personally, and when they do they know him not good enough to form an unbiased opinion about him.

Most people connect him with UFOs, what is most likely, since his UFO photos are known all-over the world. However, this UFO thing is pushed into the background more and more, and his main occupation comes forth ever distinctly: He is a penman, a writer who has already written thousands of pages, indeed not just novels–although he has written some–but writings whose content stimulates thinking and gives each person the initiative to ask ever more questions and, through this, to grasp ever more answers. He is the author of umpteen books that are written in a wonderful and understandable language. His (book) lines lead into worlds of which we have not dreamed yet. He gives nourishment to our dreams and lets our fantasy turn head over heals by touching strings within ourselves and letting them vibrate, something we possibly would have never discovered.

Billy is the author of many readable and interesting books. Why do most people not realize this? They define Billy through his UFO photos only, whether these are genuine or not. Simply a waste of time. They do not realize or know that Billy’s task and main occupation is to write and teach. He does this so masterly and with a fluency that every sentence fits and is correct in its meaning. And all of this is achieved in one go, without additional correcting of sentences or content. That will not be imitated too easily by the so-called authors, who polish and potter around their books for years, until, ultimately, they publish it. All the while Billy–as a rule–writes a book in a few weeks or in two or three months, that is with a worthy content.

Billy has worked in a great variety of activities in many different professions, in order to ultimately being literally left sitting with the most difficult and ambitious work–to the luck of all people who read and study his books, and who are grateful that all of those tremendously big treasures have been written down by him and are recorded in writing.

Billy On Himself

From a very early age, my special interests were about life in all aspects. This included the connections with nature and everything creative in general, which of course incorporated profound philosophical aspects of life. However the creative in and of itself in particular, was of very special value to me, as it represented the most important field of thought for me. So at every possible opportunity I delved into these wide-ranging issues and came across questions that could not be answered by the adults, or only partially and never satisfactorily – until I found the answers myself, worked them out for myself, but this was also appearing more and more often through inspirational forces.

So my knowledge about the creative, spiritual and conscious, as well as about the creative laws and commandments, increased more and more, from which it resulted that these things became to predominate a part of my life. This in turn led me to become aware of myself and to realise that I had a mission to fulfil in this field here on earth, which is of great importance for the evolution of the earth folk in a spiritual-conscious way. So I began to fathom the how, where and why of this fact and found out through this that I had already been active in this mission for many millions, even thousands of millions of years, over countless incarnations. I realised that I was a learned and instructed teacher in matters related to the ‘teaching of the mind’, ‘teaching of consciousness’, ‘teaching of the creative-natural laws and commandments’ and ‘teaching of evolution’ etc., and this was the path I had to take. I had to go the way of mission fulfilment, but first of all I needed a great help from human beings that were not of earthly nature, but of high spiritual as well as of a material-external nature. So in the course of time I was given this help so that I could begin to fulfil my life’s mission. This help came when I was a little boy who didn’t even go to school. It came from the depths of another world’s space, in the form of an extraterrestrial, who became my first high teacher and through whom I gained in a short time an immense knowledge in relation to creation and its laws and commandments as well as the laws of nature and the facts and connections of mind and material consciousness, etc.

In the course of time I became acquainted with the history of the past of my spirit form, which over many billions of years and reincarnations had appeared again and again as a new personality on different worlds of different galaxies in the wide universe as a teacher and missionary in matters of the teaching of the spirit, the creation, the life, the creative-natural laws and commandments and the evolution. I recognised that the earliest personality of my spirit form was called Nokodemjon and had already entered the pure spirit plane Arahat Athersata, but from there it returned to the material worlds and began the instructive mission that continues to this day and will continue for a very long time to come. Over the course of further Nokodemjon reincarnations i.e. my spiritual form, I became other personalities, who e.g. bore names like Henok and Enoch etc., and who were born again and again as new personalities until today, whereby however the spiritual form always remained the same. And so for the time being, the present, the last rebirth of this spirit form is my current personality, as ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier, to whom I am teaching the doctrine of the spirit among earth people as an announcer of modern times, and to whom I am a contact person on earth to folks of extraterrestrial origin, namely to extraterrestrials who call themselves Plejaren in their own language, while they are called Pleiadians in the earthly languages. Their home worlds are the Pleiades, which are located about 80 light years beyond our known Pleiades in another dimensioned universe, in another space-time-structure, shifted to our universe by a fraction of a second. The Pleiades in the constellation of Taurus, which are located in our universe are 62 million years old and still much too young, and as blazing fireballs, incapable of carrying any material or immaterial forms of life – not even purely spiritual ones.

by ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier

January 19, 2005 SSSC.