Comtact Report 763

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Conversation between Florena from the Pleiadian Federation and ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier, BEAM

Seven hundred and sixty-third contact Saturday, January 23, 2021, 10:14 p.m.

Florena Dear father friend, here I am. … Let you … .

Billy… Florena, be welcome …

Florena Unfortunately, it was not possible for me to come here earlier, besides, I had to check with Ptaah first, because he is arranging the records of your conversation reports, as you know. He also asked me to explain some things.

Billy That’s not a problem, but the fact that you couldn’t come here earlier is understandable, because you also have to fulfill your duties; besides, it’s better late than never. And the important thing is that you can bring me the data when you have it now …? You know, sometimes I could effectively go crazy, because everything that happens to me in my work is more than a normal person can bear, if I don’t …, but never mind. And now there’s also this thing with the contact reports, that they are suddenly listed in the wrong order and show wrong time details, which we had to correct and rectify together again in the last few days. And now it comes with these two contact reports, which are again not correct with the date and time information.

Florena Another person would not continue to do their work. Yanarara and also Zafenatpaneach told me, what results in your work, that your writing is maliciously disturbed by some forces in such a way that every word you write is interspersed with numbers and other letters and becomes completely unrecognizable. It would result, they explained to me, that consequently you would have to correct everything again letter by letter, as both of them themselves found out when they watched you writing and could also see that you typed everything normally and correctly into the writing keyboard, but then something became visible on the screen which you had not written.

Billy True, this was also seen by various core group members who stood next to or behind me and watched how and what I wrote, but then virtually every word was interspersed with other letters and numbers. If you want, you can see for yourself how and what happens when I write, which I then have to painstakingly correct, which is why it takes me so much time when, for example, I retrieve and write down a contact report or do some other writing task. It’s simply that I have to correct practically every word and therefore spend endless amounts of time to then make the whole thing readable through the corrections.

Florena Yes, I would like to see that.

BillyGut, then please stand here beside me and look closely at my hand as I write now … Well, I’ll write now:

Hohl den exng ekl meiener Seeedlex du, geliexbzverxs aTVArcampersl,triestrf dxe, and f a<zugern hbsa<sdt dxu waijers bJKsam esolesn it andx dxerijn it aA<auzhg eghbn lrexuchtfen. Wyijrd esijnbes a<kmlztfesv sturdm l,atestrnerd.-.

That is it, and what I have written now, I will leave it in the computer, so I will not correct it, but I will insert it in the report when I call up our conversation today.

Florena … … That … that’s not possible, because I saw for myself how you only typed one letter each with your index finger completely correctly. I really can’t understand that now.

Billy Eben, and this has been going on for years now, but worse and worse, along with various other selt- samen incidents, as various core group members have also observed, such as Patric and others, such as

e.g. last time also again house Michael, who watched me sitting on the sofa and saw how above or behind my left ear a 2-franc coin materialized and then fell on the table. I picked up the coin and handed it to Michael, who noted the year, 1996, after which I took it back and put it in the breast pocket of my shirt, which did me no good, because after seconds my left side of the chest began to hurt tremendously. So I took the coin out again, and then my hand cramped up for maybe 15 or 20 seconds, with the coin bending severely in the way it used to when I foolishly let myself be tempted to do this consciously through my consciousness power.

Florena Yes, that’s what Yanarara and Zafenatpaneach told me too, with Yanarara saying that she would despair if she were you, because she couldn’t get through it and couldn’t handle what was coming up with you.

Billy That’s what she told me, but I can’t afford to get carried away, because I have my work to do either way. It is only good that in these strange occurrences there were also always people who could witness what happens with me and in my work again and again, consequently they can testify everything. But it will be nevertheless that certain people would declare me as crazy if I would tell it to them.

Florena What would be like. Semjase told me that strange occurrences had already happened in your workroom back when she was still in contact with you. She herself had also been affected twice and had been influenced by some unexplainable influences in her central nervous system and had suffered from a strange kind of a psychoti…

Billy sorry, yes I know, but she told me about that not to talk about it and so not to tell anyone about it.

Florena Such s… can be quite harmless, but also serious, as it happened to other people besides Semjase, as she said.

Billy Yes, there were various people involved, like Dr. Fraude, Elsi Moser, Lou Zinsstag, Oma Rose, Guido, Sissi Rüegsegger, Rolli Rüegsegger, Silvano, Engelbert and Maria, then also Wendelle Stevens, Ernst Keller and finally it was Professor Hans Bender, he was a psychologist and philosopher, who was interested in me and the contacts with you Plejaren. He was with me 3 times, the first time at Wihaldenstrasse 10 in Hinwil, then twice here in the Center, where he then experienced something similar to Semjase in my office, about which he was tremendously shocked and expressed that he had had a lot to do with alleged hauntings, But he couldn’t explain what was going on here with me, he didn’t want to have anything to do with it and I should keep quiet about what had happened, just as he would never talk about it, which I am doing now, even if he might get on my nerves about it.

Florena Semjase told me about these psychotic-like i…

Billy Not again please. Although the whole thing lasted until 1997, it then died down, and when

…, well, then the little Andis also added theirs, as already back then in the basement, when Bernadette had the head of one in the picture, when she photographed something specific. Since then, however, this spook is over.

Florena Well, you don’t want to talk about it, so be it. But now I’m interested in what you wrote earlier, which, however, is completely illegible.

Billy It is an ancient saying that I still heard from my mother and remembered. Then I have to write it again and correct it. Look at my finger again:

“Fetch the angel of my soul, you beloved oaf. Eyes you have like camels, and your beauty shines from afar, like an old storm lantern.”

This is the wording of the corpus delicti, and I have to correct it now, as you see, otherwise it cannot be deciphered.

Florena Incredible, if I didn’t see it with my own eyes ….

Billy Exactly, that’s why …, well, pointless – but you said that Ptaah asked you to explain something else.

Florena Yes, of course. Ptaah explained that I should remind you that you – out of your own seeing and knowledge of what will further result from the multiplying and increasing evils in the now following new and 3rd Corona epoch – should give necessary information for all FIGU members and all interested people worldwide who are well-disposed to the FIGU community, who are devoted to it and who follow its advice. In doing so, you shall be careful to elaborate and carry out the necessary information to disseminate it worldwide, as you and Father Sfath found together in the early 1950s of the last century, because you observed then, as Ptaah said, that all state leaders and health offices were not disseminating the important information, which is now proving to be so. This, he said, was now leading to the disinformation of the populations, who would be helped by the information material you are now to prepare in behaving and understanding the epidemic, as well as in protecting themselves against it with the right measures. Your words and explanations should address in the worldwide FIGU community and also for all people interested in the matter the most important necessary behaviors and the necessary knowledge, clearly, clearly and understandably call everything, as it is your way, and then you should post and distribute everything on the FIGU website.

Billy Aha, nice that Ptaah wants to remind me of it, but you can report to him that I have not forgotten the agreement with Sfath and my promise that I will write and distribute such a letter in February 2021, but well in memory and therefore have already written it out, now just a few days before February. Also I had already given it to Bernadette for the publication preparation, but I had to take it back again because I had forgotten an important sentence and also wanted to arrange my preceding letter differently.

Florena You have – but why only I ask, because I -, oh, why only I ask – I should have known.

Billy Whatever you want to say, don’t bother, because it is useless to look for words when you are surprised, because then you are just empty in the head, so to speak, to which we simply say ‘speechless’.

Florena This is also common practice for us.

Billy Then we earthlings have a common ground in this respect, as well as with regard to some other things.

Florena Such similarities also exist on other worlds and among other peoples, not only among us Plejaren and the Earth people.

Billy Yes, must be so, because if any beings are capable of a logical verbal communication, then I    find it completely normal that everywhere verbalistically the same or similar idioms occur. Now see this though, this is what I wrote. If you are not in a hurry and want to read it? All together is namely 8 pages.

Florena Yes, and time does not press me.

Billy Good, then please …

Florena Thank you …

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier, BEAM

Semjase Silver Star Center, Hinterschmidrüti 1225, 8495 Schmidrüti/ZH Switzerland/Switzerland

In honor and dignity to all FIGU members, and worldwide in friendship, acquaintance to all fellow men associated with the FIGU ethos like-minded as well as appreciative!

Dear and very much appreciated FIGU members, friends and acquaintances, herewith I want to address with these lines to all – unfortunately a little late, due to overflowing work – and give you for the new year 2021 with a few words in this way for your well-being in terms of health, work, family and in all things of existence the very best

and also assure you that our thoughts at the Center always circle around you with hope that you are all healthy, well and spared from it, and that it remains so throughout the whole time, which is rampant around the world during the Corona epidemic.

What unfortunately is happening all around in all countries and brings suffering and sorrow to countless families and people, try to prevent it in yourselves, in your family, in your circle of friends and acquaintances, by keeping to the necessary safety precautions of wearing masks, keeping your distance and disinfection and all other necessities. I wish for all of you – as well as for all people in our world – to be spared from all evils, but it is necessary and inevitable for every single person to join all safety precautions and protective measures against the very aggressive and dangerous Corona virus and its mutations. In this sense I greet you all and also thank you for all your letters with your dear and good wishes for my 84th birthday. Considering all your good and kind words and wishes, I feel very honored and taken care of, for which I express my special heartfelt thanks to all of you, hoping also that all of us, without exception, will survive everything well and that we will soon be able to enjoy life together again in the old way.



Roots of all things

In order to understand, honor and appreciate the existence and life of all living beings in the right measure, man must recognize, know and live compassionately with all living things and protect the roots of everything that exists, be it an animal, a creature, an insect or a plant, etc., because he is connected with all of them; and like him, all living beings also have an intrinsic vitality and also feel suffering and pain when they are physically or psychologically harmed, tortured, tormented or harmed in any way.

or affliction is inflicted, which is why it applies: Man, do not inflict torment on any life, for it feels just like

you agony and pain, screaming and crying.

SSSC, 3.2.1981

00.17 h, Billy


🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸🌸 🌸🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸

And one more word of importance!

Contrary to the intelligent-unreasonable ignorance and unreasonableness of all those stupid-brash and irresponsible conspiracy theorists, cross-thinkers, know-it-alls and querulous people, who are morbidly important to mislead the rational-thinking people by stupid-brashly playing down the Corona plague and trying to present the whole thing as a lie and a fraud or as a devious governmental measure, in order to reduce the blatant overpopulation in a drastic way quickly, this does not correspond to the truth, but to a malicious and irresponsible, deliberately obscuring the real truth and misleading people, life-threatening delusion, which brings suffering, illness, sorrow and grief or even death to many people.

The truth is that the Corona disease is a real contagious and life-threatening infectious disease, which causes mass infections and mass deaths, and which cannot be treated with any kind of medication and thus can neither be fought nor cured. From the medical point of view, the only solution is a proper and valuable vaccination, although at the present time it is still uncertain whether it will be effective and preventive, because the lack of tests and experience is still insufficient, which means that it will cause more harm than good and may even result in deaths and long-term damage and late effects, as it is unfortunately already proving and confirming the early predictions.

What can be done at present against the Corona epidemic and for the personal as well as fellow human health well-being, should be obligatory and followed for every human being pregnant with intelligence, understanding and reason, because this is the only real possibility to do something personally for the own and the fellow human beings protection against the aggressive Corona virus. And this alternative consists basically in the following feasibilities:

1. The wearing of suitable respirators adapted to the situation must be strictly observed wherever the necessity requires it.

2. When wearing respirators, note the need to remove them from time to time to breathe fresh air for 10 to 15 minutes to allow the lungs to recover as a result of the stress of breathing through the mask.

3. To the wind and people – family, friendship, acquaintances, strangers – appropriate distance to the nearest person is usually about 2 meters.

4. Disinfecting the hands with a suitable disinfectant, not chemical and not containing chlorine, but with about 70-75% alcohol or ethanol, which has been used since the 12th century and can be mixed in any concentration in water. A description clarifies that the main mechanism of action is the ability of alcohol-ethanol to change proteins, including bacteria and some types of viruses that have a coating of different proteins. The SARS Cov-2 virus, the causative agent of the Corona disease, has a coating of protein that is very destructible by disinfectant made from ethanol. This disinfectant deprives the corona germ of the possibility to enter the human organism, consequently it cannot settle and multiply. Ethanol not only attacks the envelope of bacteria and viruses, but also destroys the protein structure of fungi.

FFP respirators

All FFP masks from FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 usually correspond to respirators, which, as the name suggests, are designed to protect the respiratory system and must be disposed of after use. Depending on the mask class, respirators can be worn and used only for a short time, such as cheap and practically almost or completely useless paper masks or self-made cheap fabric masks. Depending on the case – which each person must decide for himself – protective masks can be used and worn and protected by them only for a very short time, but on the other hand, depending on the class of masks and their quality, for 8, 10 or 12 hours, etc., before they are to be disposed of.

Due to their size, the fine, almost invisible fine dust particles or microorganisms etc. that float around in the air we breathe are among the non-negligible hazards in the working environment as well as with regard to health protection against germs. Due to the danger of contagious diseases as well as radioactive contamination or carcinogenic substances such as bacteria and viruses etc., the protective masks designed for occupational breathing protection are also used to protect against germs of all kinds, on the one hand to protect the respiratory system in the long term and on the other hand to protect the organism against germs so that no damage occurs. Effectively, this can only be ensured by suitable respirators with sufficient protection classes, so-called FFP masks, through which any long-term risks can be reduced or completely avoided.

In terms of suitable and good respirators, the world leader is the brand 3M, where this name is noted as an abbreviation to the US company ‘Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company’, so 3xM. This company corresponds to a globally active multi-technology group with headquarters in Saint Paul in the US state of Minnesota,

which is known to consumers not only as 3M but also, among other things, through its registered brands ‘Post-it’ (roughly: adhesive notepads) and ‘Scotch’. The group produces more than 50 000 different products based on 47 technology platforms and over 25 000 patents.

Why to wear respirators

Aerosols that are exhaled and saliva droplets or smaller or larger quantities of secretion droplets or expiration droplets from the mucous membranes in the mouth and nose that are excreted into the air and released when speaking usually have a diameter of between 0.5 µm and 12 µm – µm stands for micrometer: = 1 micro-meter = 1 millionth of a meter = 1 thousandth of a millimeter; in the past, a µm was called a micron or µ My or Mü after the Greek letter. Mü – whereby in particular the larger saliva or secretion droplets can contain infecting microorganisms. Microorganisms or a microorganism – a microbe, is a microscopically small single living being, which is not visible to the naked eye. It is called micro if it is at least 2 dimensions smaller than about 30 µm. Most microorganisms are unicellular organisms, but they also include tiny or microorganisms with few cells.

Microorganisms – as well as many tiny material particles, seed dust and spores of all kinds – are almost or completely invisible substances suspended in the air we breathe, through which they are spread. The micro-organisms correspond to the most insidious health hazards for humans. Particle-filtering half masks offer protection against such hazards, however, and these masks are divided into 3 protection classes FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3. The subdivision into 3 FFP classes is made by the abbreviation FFP, which stands for ‘filtering face piece’. A respirator mask covers the nose and mouth and is composed of various filtering materials and the mask itself.

The information I have provided is purely non-binding, to which it must be explained that the protection classes indicated are usually suitable for various applications in working areas, are used and in this respect serve the corresponding minimum requirements in terms of safety. In principle, the responsibility of the use of the masks lies with the persons themselves who use them, although it is recommended to check them before use, namely whether the respirator allows breathing and whether it meets the requirements regarding the rejection of hazardous substances and the user’s breathing quality. Therefore, for the selection of proper personal protective masks, it is always necessary to make an on-site assessment when purchasing masks, because if breathing difficulties occur while wearing the mask, neither the stores nor the manufacturers of the masks assume any liability for any health difficulties or damages.

If hazardous substances and their concentration are known, a specific FFP mask can sometimes already be selected. The classification of masks is based not only on the filtering performance of the mask, but also on the maximum permissible leakage resulting from the leakage of the product or the permeability of the filtering material and the openings in places where the mask does not fit exactly on the face.

Respiratory protection masks are used to protect the wearer from airborne pollutants such as respiratory toxins, particles, spores, dust and microorganisms, etc., as well as bacteria, whereby the masks prevent such hazardous substances from entering the respiratory tract, for example at work, flu, epidemics and pandemics. They are used especially at workplaces, in rescue services and by firefighters. In particular, respirators are used in the nursing sector and during operations, where medical masks or surgical masks are used.

The importance of respiratory protection

Hazardous particles may be more or less or very carcinogenic or radioactive, while others may damage the body’s respiratory system over decades and possibly over a lifetime, leading to the long-term development of serious diseases. If the masks are used in working areas, then the workers may only have to deal with unpleasant odors.

Respiratory masks protect in 3 classes, namely against aqueous and oily aerosols, smoke and fine dust during work, whereby the masks are standardized Europe-wide according to EN 149 with regard to their protective function. Particle filtering half masks or fine dust masks are divided into 3 protection classes: FFP1, FFP2, FFP3.

Respirators mainly protect against respirable dust, smoke and liquid mist, so-called aerosols, but not against vapor and gas. Aerosols are also exhaled by humans, but they also excrete saliva droplets when they speak, so the aerosols and droplets can be inhaled by other people and thus infected with pathogens.

Respirators serve two purposes during infectious or other contagious diseases, such as influenza, epidemics and pandemics:

1. Wearing protective masks prevents ill persons from releasing aerosols into the air uninhibitedly by breathing and speaking, which can be inhaled by other persons and thus infected with germs and also become ill.

2. By wearing protective masks, healthy persons are prevented from ingesting foreign bodies such as toxins or germs, but they are also prevented from becoming infected with the germs of sick persons through exhaled aerosols and expelled expiratory droplets of sick other persons and from falling ill themselves, which, however, is to be prevented by respiratory protective masks.

A respirator is composed of various filter materials and the mask itself, and this covers the nose and mouth. Basically, such masks are designed for various work activities, namely at workplaces where the occupational exposure limit of dust, smoke and aero-sols, etc. in the breathing air is exceeded. This means that respiratory masks prevent the inhalation of excessive concentrations of such harmful substances, which may cause serious damage to human health or death. If a certain concentration of pollutants of all kinds is exceeded, especially with regard to infectious germs, the wearing of respiratory protection masks is generally obligatory on the basis of personal responsibility as well as intelligence, understanding and reason.

Respirators with or without valve

1) Respirators that do not have a valve filter both the fresh air from the outside that is breathed in and the stale, oxygen-depleted air that is breathed out, thus providing self-protection and protection from others for the person wearing the mask.

2) General protective masks with a valve only filter the inhaled air and are therefore only used for the personal protection of the person wearing the protective mask, which is why the valve masks are not designed for external protection.

3) Special respirators – which are not larger than normal nose-mouth masks and are expensive to purchase ($200 and more) – also have a small electric actuator for adjustable breath supply air, as their valve excretes not only the inhaled but also the used breath air with up to 5 times filtration.

4) Respirators with expiration valves are not suitable for positively ill persons, because the used breathing air can flow out unhindered through the valve and thus the released germs can spread all around in the air.

The same types of masks that are used for work are also absolutely useful against infectious pathogens, so they are also used in this regard to prevent germs from entering the respiratory tract and mucous membranes and thus the organism, multiplying in it and causing disease. Depending on this, certain mask classes are to be selected in this regard in order to ensure the best possible protection.

The relevant protection classes FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 provide respiratory protection for different concentrations of material pollutants, toxins, spores, particles, microorganisms, bacteria, smoke and vapors, etc., but not against gases, radiation such as radioactivity, and vibration, depending on the total leakage or permeability of the mask material and the filtering of particle sizes down to 0.6 µm.

Depending on the quality class of the mask, good respirators up to 94% or a maximum of 96% can also provide a certain level of safety against viruses, although it must be clear that absolute safety against viruses cannot be, viruses can also not be killed, but only destroyed, because they are not life forms, but inanimate organic structures. Only living beings can be killed, but not lifeless organisms.

Regarding the total leakage resp. the filter passage and the leakage of the material of respirators as well as the connection to the face and nose, it is also important that the mask must be adapted to the human anatomy resp. that it must be adapted to the face as far as possible. Innovative filter technology of the mask is also important, because the breathing resistance must be low and breathing must not be impeded by trapped particles in the filter, even if the respirator is used several times.

Respirator classes

FFP1: FFP1 class respirators may only be used in environmental areas where no toxic or fibrogenic or protein aerosols are present. The 4-fold occupational exposure limit of respirators of class FFP1 must not be exceeded. In addition, the protective masks can predominantly only be used for a short time and must be changed frequently as soon as they accumulate moisture due to breathing and talking, as is also the case when dealing with people, because they are only designed to provide short-term and, moreover, only weak protection against aerosols and saliva droplets.

a) Respirators of protection class FFP1 are generally suitable for working environments in which only non-toxic materials are present. They have a separation efficiency of 80% and are designed and useful for an approx. 4-fold exceedance of a workplace exposure to pollutants such as dust and other non-toxic substances.

b) Respirators of protection class FFP1 are in no way suitable with regard to toxins, bacteria, gases or viruses of any kind, but these masks protect only against material particles, such as, among others, non-toxic dust types such as cellulose, cement, gypsum, limestone, spores or pollen, etc.

c) Fabric masks, also self-made ones of any kind, correspond as a rule – in the best case – to the mask protection class FFP1, however, they are absolutely useless against pathogens of any kind, consequently such masks do not offer any protection against germs and therefore should neither be manufactured nor used. Basically, such masks act only as a pretense of false facts or illusory as a conceit in relation to a protective function against germs.

FFP2: Respirators of protection class FFP2 are designed for working environments where harmful and mutagenic substances are present and suspended in the air to be breathed. This mask class is designed to capture at least 92% of airborne particles and must therefore be used for work where the pollutant limit of the hazardous substance in question is no more than 10 times the permissible concentration.

a) Class FFP2 respirators should be used responsibly in any case when infectious germs are circulating, for personal protection as well as for the protection of fellow human beings.

b) FFP2 class respirators have a filtration efficiency of at least 92%, which means that the respirator is effective in preventing foreign substances from entering the respiratory tract. The higher the filtration efficiency of the respirator, the better its performance.

c) Generally speaking, the filtration efficiency is the ratio of the amount or concentration of the foreign substance that is separated or retained in the filtering system of the mask and prevents it from entering the respiratory tract. In simpler terms, it means that the degree of separation is what is stopped and retained at the front of the mask, so that it cannot pass through the mask and enter the respiratory tract.

d) Respirators of protection class FFP2 also protect against toxic types of dust, such as calcium oxide, concrete dust, granite or zinc oxide smoke.

e) Respirators of protection class FFP2 also largely protect against bacteria, and to a certain extent against viruses.

f) Respirators of protection class FFP2 also protect against various substances in the respiratory air, which are still unknown to science, and which are hazardous to health and mutagenic.

FFP3: Respiratory protection masks of the protection class FFP3 offer a good protection also with high load of the breathing air and show according to plejarischen research results a separation achievement of 94% to 96%, however not 98% to 99%, as according to terrestrial-virological wrong data is maintained. These percentage calculations say that therefore no 100% security can be given that in the worst case not nevertheless an infection by disease germs can take place. With 94% or 96%, however, the safety level is very high, which means that there is no need to worry about infection, but this does not mean that the wearing of masks and the keeping of distance can be neglected or stopped.

a) Respirators of protection class FFP3 are applicable in working environments where a limit value of toxic substances is exceeded up to 30 times the industry-specific value, consequently they protect against e.g. toxic dust types such as from chrome, cobalt, nickel or mold spores.

b) Respirators of protection class FFP3 are very suitable against toxic, carcinogenic and radioactive particles, as especially against bacterial, viral, microorganic as well as many other germs. To repeat, in order to understand clearly: With a separation efficiency of 94% up to 96% – according to Pleiadian safe research results, which are probably much more exact-accurate contrary to the earthly-scientific of 98%-99% research result claims – the FFP3 mask with proper fit of the mask thus very largely retains many types of health hazardous particles, toxins and microorganisms as well as bacteria and viruses. This is the reason why FFP3 masks are also used in laboratories for handling viruses and bacteria, as well as for many manual work processes and for special chemical and medical needs.

Difference of respirators FFP2, FFP3, N95, KN95, P2, DS

If the respiratory protection standard of the respirators of classes FFP2, FFP3, KN95, N95 is compared with each other, then there are some differences.

Respirators with and without filters are classified worldwide various strict regulations and standards, and these must have certain required and specific characteristics, as well as the appropriate performance characteristics according to the corresponding standard, and therefore inherent to the respirators.

All respirators of classes FFP2, FFP3, N95, KN95, P2, DS are tested and designed to protect the mask wearer to a certain degree from other infectious germs, including bacteria, many types of microorganisms and viruses.

An epidemic or pandemic corresponds to an emergency situation at any time and in any case, in which not only long-term and effective measures such as lockdown, the strict wearing of respiratory masks and keeping a distance from person to person must be observed, but in particular the use of specifically designed respiratory masks, which prevent the highest possible safety from infection by germs such as bacteria, microorganisms and viruses. Recommended masks for this purpose are:

In particular, the respirators with the designation 3M, namely of the class type FFP2 and FFP3, which have been tested to separate bioaerosols, such as e.g. viruses, equivalently or adequately well, or to retain them from and on the mask.

Respirators of this standard, of the class type 3M FFP2, N95, are particularly recommended, as well as other equivalent products, such as the respirators listed below, which are suitable up to 94% or even 96% to filter out particles up to a size of 0.6 µm contained in the breathing air, as well as bacteria, microorganisms and viruses.

These masks are also good for filtering various air pollutants of all kinds, but not against gases, radiation and vibration:

KN95 (China GB2626-2006)

P2 (Australia/New Zealand AS/NZA 1716:2012)

FFP2 (Europe EN 149-2001)

N95 (United States NIOSH-42CFR84)

DS (Japan JMHLW-Notification 214, 2018).

Korea 1st class (Korea KMOEL – 2017-64)

Respirators of class FFP3 correspond to the international standard and have an even slightly higher filtering performance, which according to Pleiades research results provides a filtration of up to 96% (contrary to the terrestrial test claim of 99.5%), therefore, in any case, and even with this best possible mask, no 100% separation guarantee can be given with respect to germs, this in any case with respect to viruses, but this type of mask FFP3 also protects against toxic types of dust, such as those of chromium, cobalt, nickel or mold spores, etc.

Masks that can protect from viruses largely up to 94% and 96%.

The following respirators have a filtering capacity of up to 94% or 96%; they offer even better protection than the other types mentioned:

FFP2, N95, KN95, P2, DS and FFP3

Surgical Masks Medical Face Masks

Surgical masks are usually made of multi-layer, air-filtering nonwoven material that is partially coated on the outside with a water-repellent layer. These protective masks are attached either to the back of the head with straps or to the ears with rubber loops and must always be worn so that the mouth and nose are covered. These surgical protective masks correspond to disposable products and are designed in terms of their filtering performance in the Euronorm EN 14683.

The medical or surgical face masks, also known as ‘surgical masks’ and ‘surgical masks’ or

‘Hygiene masks’ are called and have the designation standard EN 14683, correspond to medical products and must therefore be marked with CE. Unfortunately, counterfeit inferior products of this and other types are widely offered and sold on the market, which are not compliant with the medical face masks, but only ostensibly correspond to the compliant and tested products, consequently they also do not provide the protection that is promised.

SSSC, 20.1.2021, 17.33 h, Billy

Excerpts from Wikipedia:

Use of mouth-nose coverings, medical face masks and particle-filtering half masks (FFP masks)

As a result of the Corona pandemic (SARS-CoV-2 pandemic) and the covid-19 illnesses triggered by the virus, our everyday lives have changed considerably. One of the most obvious changes comes from the now mandatory wearing of masks in many areas. By wearing the masks, citizens can do their part to prevent the unchecked spread of the so-called ‘coronavirus’ (SARS-CoV-2). This should reduce the transmission of the virus from person to person and subsequently the risk of a possible infection.

There are different types of masks, some of which differ significantly in their design and protective effect.

Wearing masks is always just one part of a comprehensive protection concept with which we are working together to combat the spread of the coronavirus. Therefore, the ‘AHA+L’ formula still applies: Keep your distance, pay attention to hygiene, wear an everyday mask and ventilate.

When using masks, the following should be considered:

The masks currently used in infection control are basically divided into 3 types:

1. There are mouth-nose coverings, for example, also called everyday mask, makeshift mouth-nose mask, community mask.

2. The medical face masks known from the medical everyday life, colloquially for example also OP masks, mouth nose protection, mouth guard called. These are ‘medical devices’.

3. And the particle-filtering half masks known so far mainly from the craft sector, colloquially also called respirators, FFP masks. The name FFP is an abbreviation derived from the English name of the masks ‘Filtering Face Piece’. These masks belong to the product category

‘Personal Protective Equipment’ (PPE).

Mouth-nose covering

Everyday masks or mouth-nose coverings are usually fabric masks that can be very versatile in their appearance. They are often sewn from commercially available fabrics and worn in everyday life. Since they do not belong to the category of medical devices or personal protective equipment, mouth-nose coverings do not have any requirements from laws or technical standards on filtering performance that they must meet. However, they should be made to cover the mouth and nose and fit as closely as possible to the face at the edges.

Mouth-nose coverings, unlike medical face masks or particle-filtering half masks, are not tested according to corresponding legal and normative requirements. They can therefore be placed on the market without these regulatory procedures. Thus, for the materials used for the production of these masks, there are no specifications by the legislator, e.g. on filtering performance, but specifications may be applicable, e.g. on the freedom of the textiles used from harmful substances. In most cases, these masks are sewn from commercially available fabrics. Their appearance and impermeability are correspondingly varied, as the fabrics used differ in design and material properties. They are worn in everyday life and therefore colloquially often called everyday mask.

The distinction from medical devices or from personal protective equipment is important. Everyday masks may not be advertised with corresponding performance or protective effects because they did not have to undergo test procedures according to such requirements. Therefore, everyday masks may not be sold as medical devices or products of personal protective equipment.

Everyday masks do not provide the performance evidence defined in the technical standards as required for medical face masks and particle-filtering half masks. Thus, they generally provide less protection than these regulated and tested mask types. However, this does not mean that they have no protective effect. Internationally, there are numerous scientific publications that confirm the experience gained about the effectiveness of the mouth-nose coverings in terms of general population protection. The protective effect of the masks depends on the tightness and quality of the material used, the adaptation to the shape of the face and the number of layers of fabric. For example, tightly woven fabrics are more suitable than lightly woven fabrics in this context. Thus, according to current knowledge, the correct wearing of good everyday masks can significantly reduce the risk from droplets containing pathogens.

A special group of everyday masks are those manufactured according to a special standard, the European ‘CEN Workshop Agreement CWA 17553’.

While these masks are also everyday masks and therefore neither personal protective equipment nor medical devices with corresponding mandatory testing requirements and regulatory oversight, the CWA still imposes specific performance requirements on these masks. They must filter at least 70% or 90% of particles with a diameter of 3 (± 0.5) micrometers.

Although a separate standard is used as a basis here, these masks, like other everyday masks, are not subject to any special official or other regulatory supervision such as medical devices or personal protective equipment. The manufacturer is solely responsible for the implementation of the specifications. Nevertheless, if the standard is applied correctly, this marking can be a sign of quality.

Medical face masks

Medical face masks, mouth-nose protection (MNS), often also called surgical masks, are disposable products that are normally used in everyday clinical practice or in doctors’ offices. They are made of special plastics and have a multilayer structure. In their appearance they are very similar: rectangular shape with folds so that the mask can adapt to the face. The front side (outside) is usually colored, the back side (inside) is not. The masks have ear loops and a wire nose clip. They have clearly defined filtering properties.

Medical face masks are medical devices and were developed for the protection of others. They primarily protect the counterpart from emitted infectious droplets from the face mask wearer. However, when fitted tightly, medical face masks can also protect the wearer of the mask, even if this is not their actual task. In hospitals, for example, they are used to prevent droplets from the doctor’s breathing air from getting into a patient’s open wounds.

When a person is angry or furious with another, he takes revenge on himself because of his own confused unreasonableness.

SSSC, June 30, 2011

23.15 h, Billy

… With this you have actually … May I photograph the whole thing and transmit it to Ptaah?

BillyNaturally. When is Ptaah coming back?

Florena Thank you. Ptaah is far away on a Federation planet called ‘Orbun’ where a longer federal conference is being held.

BillyAha, but I didn’t really want to know that much, just when he was coming back.

Florena It will take another 11 days. But what I should mention: You are to pass on greetings to the members of the core group and Ptaah’s request that in the weeks that are now coming they should keep very especially away from strangers and not talk to strangers without wearing protective masks on each other. The next few weeks, he explained, would not only be precarious, but much more hazardous to your health than before, as you would know. It was not only appropriate, but in accordance with a necessity, that during the next weeks the center would only be left if there was an urgent need for it. And if this is the case, then the

Wearing FFP2 or FFP3 protective masks is indispensable, as it is also of urgent necessity for all people on earth and corresponds to the perception of responsibility with regard to one’s own and any other person, as well as keeping a proper distance.

Billy   Then it will just take a little longer. And the warning of Ptaah, to this I think that this is appropriate, because    OK.

Florena Yes, but you should now go to sleep, dear father friend, because your appearance shows fatigue. Obviously, you do not give yourself enough rest, which you need. Apparently you still keep it as Semjase told me, that you usually sleep only 2 to 4 hours.

Billy That’s a bit of an exaggeration, because every now and then I also sleep for 5 hours, because when I’m watching the news or something, I can’t keep my eyes open anymore and then I just disappear for a few minutes, half an hour or even a whole hour, which obviously has to happen sometimes. But you’re right, because I’m really tired, and if I go over now and lie down for a bit, then it’s soon 7 o’clock again and time to get up.

Florena You really don’t sleep enough.

Billy Life is short, even if it lasts a little longer, and moreover it is not given to be lazy, but to fulfill it, to learn, to study, to work something reasonable and to do the duty of life, which is given to take care in a creative sense of the existence, which is given everything to be able to exist and live in it, with it and through it. And this existence includes the universe, the planet, all ecosystems, the atmosphere and the climate, as well as nature, its entire fauna and flora and thus also the importance of all people and the totality of all living beings of all genera and species, for which we as humans have to take care and to cherish everything in order to preserve it and to pass it on to our descendants in all future. Unfortunately, only a few people think, feel and act according to this, because they much rather believe in a “dear God” who will already fix everything, consequently they do not think and do not act themselves and put their fate into the imaginary hands of this illusory figure. It is just for altogether all God-believers thousandfold much easier to bury the head in the sand after the proverb of the bird Strauss, to see nothing, to hear nothing, to do nothing and simply to wait to be overtaken by the death. And that was just never and is not my case, consequently I try to use the time of my life in the right way and for the fulfillment of duty and therefore I can neither waste the life time nor play the slacker.

Florena … – Your words make me think and I feel strangely affected. Dear father friend – I am ashamed. Now – I think – I need to talk to Ptaah, because it is probably that he calls you a true friend. What you said I have never considered in this way, but ….

Billy Keep talking, even a girl like you can come across things that stir and make you think.

Florena – It’s – I feel embarrassed.

Billy There is no reason for this, because there is probably no human being in the whole universe, who can think about and understand everything in his whole life out of himself, but needs the whole existence and other persons, in order to come across jumping points by observation, hearing, living together and verbal communication, which stimulate to think and let win realizations, which finally lead to the personally right behavior in relation to himself, the existence and just the whole environment, in regard to the people, the planet, the nature and their whole fauna and flora. This is not possible especially for the God-believing people, because they are caught in their delusion in such a way that they do not find the slightest chance to create a logical and just consequentially correct thought by themselves and out of themselves, by which they could learn to think themselves, than only to hang after believing delusions and to waste their life with it.

Florena When I listen to you, dear father friend, your words touch me more and more strangely. But the fact that you are attacked by the believing people, as I know, when you speak against their faithfulness, that I now even more do not understand, after what you have said. What I can take from your words is not attacking the personality of the people, but you object to what they do in a wrong way.

Billy Yes, you understand that correctly, because I do not attack the personality of the people, because that is taboo for me, but my rumbling is directed against the wrong thinking and acting, consequently everything on and at the planet, the ecosystems, the nature and their fauna and flora are destroyed, destroyed and exterminated, as also the atmosphere and the climate are brought out of bounds. And the basic evil to it is and remains the over mass of the overpopulation which was bred since old times, behind which apart from the human sex drive also again God delusion faith is and the Bible nonsense “Go and multiply.

Florena Yes, I understand. But now, dear father friend, I am leaving, because you are very tired. And when you call me, I will come here as my activity allows me. Then …, it is always a need for me. Goodbye, dear father friend.

Billy Goodbye, and thank you for visiting, Florena.


Appendix: Sent by Achim Wolf, Germany

Twice ill with coronavirus and died: Danger for hundreds of thousands?

Jan 21 2021 7:49 pm

In Baden-Württemberg, a man contracted COVID-19 twice and died. Not an isolated case. Experts warn that up to ten percent of infected people develop few or no antibodies. RT DE asked Prof. Bernd Salzberger, head of infectious diseases at Regensburg University Hospital, about this.

Professor Salzberger, various media reported on Thursday about a 73-year-old man from the district of Freudenstadt (Baden-Württemberg) who had been infected twice with the coronavirus, once in April 2020, a second time in December 2020, and now the patient had died of COVID-19 pneumonia (pneumonia) and sepsis with multiple organ failure. Can others who are dually infected get sick again and even die from it?

For a small part of the population it is true that they form few or no antibodies. This is the case for 5 to 10 percent of the population. The man was possibly one of them.

How do such vulnerable people recognize themselves? Are there any symptoms that can help you recognize that you belong to this group?

Not at all, there are no symptoms. You don’t recognize it in yourself. We know that more antibodies are formed in more severe infections. The only thing we can do in people with little or no antibody formation is to give a higher dose of the vaccine.

How safe are those affected then?

So, we know that the protective effect, which is more than immunization, is about 90 percent in older vaccinated people. How quickly antibodies become less in the long run, we don’t know.

So these people have no choice but to keep their distance in the future, to maintain hygiene?

This will be the best.

How long does a vaccine last? What can be said about the durability of vaccinations with BioNTech, for example?

We do not know at this time. First of all, the vaccination is important that antibodies are produced in the normal case. How long that lasts, we can not say at this time.

Thank you very much for the interview!


BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine: lack of evidence for efficacy in older people

Jan 21, 2021 5:46 pm

The German government always states that the protection and vaccination of vulnerable, elderly people is a top priority. But a report by the RKI shows that it is not even known whether and which vaccines are effective at all for this risk group.

In Germany, unless there are supply problems for vaccines, the importance of vaccination in the fight against the Corona health crisis is emphasized again and again. In the mainstream media, it is often pointed out that

the effectiveness of ‘the’ vaccine is ’95 percent’. With a few exceptions, which are mainly due to ‘statistical uncertainties’, all vaccinated people are thus safely protected against infection with the SARS-CoV- 2 pathogen, stressed the president of the Paul Ehrlich Institute Klaus Cichutek to Der Spiegel.

Even the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) admitted in a publication in the Epidemiological Bulletin of 14 January that no statement could be made about the efficacy of ‘the vaccine’ (note: the one from BioNTech/Pfizer) in people over 75 years of age. The bulletin states on page 27:

“The age-stratified analysis also showed comparably high effectiveness estimators (values for estimating effectiveness, editor’s note), which, however, in some cases showed wide confidence intervals or were no longer statistically significant with decreasing age groups or numbers of cases. In the highest age group (≥ 75 years), a statement about the effectiveness of vaccination is therefore subject to high uncertainty.”

Thus, virtually nothing is known about the efficacy of this vaccine in persons older than 75 years. Even plausible assumptions about possible reasons for this ‘ignorance’ emerge from the report, because the number of study participants over 75 years of age, i.e. the group of people who are to be particularly protected, was less than five percent. The vaccine was therefore hardly tested on older, let alone very elderly people.

A total of 774 people in the age group over 75 were vaccinated as part of the study, and 785 received a placebo. No one in the vaccinated group contracted COVID-19, while five people in the placebo control group did. In purely mathematical terms, this results in an efficacy of 100 percent, since none of the vaccinated subjects fell ill. However, due to the low number of patients in both groups, the validity of the trials for people older than 75 years is highly questionable.

In addition, the tests of the BioNTech and Pfizer vaccine provided an enormously high range of variation and thus a wide confidence interval for the efficiency of the vaccine, ranging from minus 13 to plus 100 percent. In this case, the value of minus 13 percent means that in individual cases, older people would possibly even be better protected against COVID-19 disease without the vaccine than after vaccination. For the vaccine produced by Moderna, the data, which can be found on page 28 of the report, look similar: For this vaccine, the number of subjects was apparently so small that no confidence interval could be given in the first place.

Strong criticism of the testing strategy for the study has already been voiced outside Germany as well: Medical editor Peter Doshi pointed out in an opinion piece in the British Medical Journal as early as October last year that all the raw data was needed to really assess the effectiveness of the mRNA vaccines. However, this novel vaccine is apparently already considered successful if it prevents a simple infection with the SARS-CoV-2 pathogen, which in most cases is asymptomatic. However, the tailored design of this study makes it impossible to assess whether the vaccines would actually protect against a severe course of COVID-19, Doshi said.

Furthermore, it is known that some side effects have occurred in the context of the vaccinations, which the RKI has also taken up in its report: In the registration studies, temporary facial paralysis had been observed in a few cases, in which a connection with the COVID-19 vaccination could not be excluded.


Without a map, through the cliffs at night and in fog: The COVID 19 Vaccination Program

Jan 20, 2021 06:45 AM

In Norway, COVID-19 vaccination has fatal effects among the very elderly. Therefore, the competent authority recommends against vaccination of elderly, frail persons and to weigh the benefits of vaccination in each individual case. But German self-proclaimed quality media lulls. Even for young people, the novel vaccines can pose an insidious danger. This is what a new scientific study on the long-term effects of the vaccines suggests.

A guest contribution by Rainer Rupp

The alarming news over the weekend that 29 people died in Norway shortly after receiving their first Pfizer- BioNTech vaccine dose against COVID-19 was immediately downplayed in German media. Anyone who wanted to know more was immediately waved on by the ‘information police’: “Don’t stop, there’s nothing to see here!” This was the impression given involuntarily to anyone who read, for example, that newspaper behind which there is supposedly always a ‘clever mind’. In its report on this vaccination massacre in Norway, the FAZ of January 15, already in its first sentence, calmed down by writing: “Norway’s health authority classifies the number of incidents as ‘not alarming'”. The FAZ then went on to say, “In fact, news of deaths ‘after’ vaccination circulates again and again, although a connection has not been proven.” With this, the paper subliminally tries to banish the news from Norway into the haze of conspiracy theories. Besides, everything is only half as bad: Because the examination of 13 of these dead ones suggested “that they suffered from the usual side effects of a vaccination. These side effects

are said to have led to very serious physical reactions in them. The talk is about frail elderly people. In addition, health authorities have warned of risks for sick patients over 80 years.”

So no problem? Everything in the green?

In fact, the news of the vaccination massacre in Norway – and there is probably no other way to describe an event with 29 deaths – is of monumental significance. This is because it comes at a time when in Germany – and especially in the USA – more than 30 million people, mainly the elderly, are to be vaccinated with the new active substances in a first wave. As the example of Norway shows, not even the short-term side effects of the vaccines are sufficiently known, not to mention the long-term effects of these new genetically active vaccines, used for the first time in human history. However, cynics argue in this context that long-term side effects of the new vaccines in very old people do not matter at all.

According to the U.S. news service Bloomberg, Norwegian health authorities were the first in Europe to warn of the great danger posed by the new COVID-19 vaccines to very old and sick people, because the effect of the drug could be worse than the disease:

“For the very frail, even relatively mild side effects of the vaccine may have serious consequences,” the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (FHI) warned, according to Bloomberg. It went on to say, “For those who have a very short remaining lifespan anyway, the benefits of the vaccine may be marginal or irrelevant.” Accordingly, Norwegian Medical Agency Director Steinar Madsen explained in a webinar the new vaccination guideline for frail elderly, “namely, just don’t get vaccinated!”

This may be fine for the Norwegian medical agency, but for the Corona vaccination brigades among politicians, in the media and in the pharmaceutical industry, the vaccination massacre in Norway has suddenly unleashed a gigantic justification problem. The whole system of lockdowns and quarantines has always been justified by the rulers and their propagandists in the media with the dubious argument that it is the most vulnerable, the frail elderly, who need to be protected from infection. Allegedly for this purpose, a brutal surveillance state was established – with insane consequences.

Instead of finding drugs and chasing burglars, police officers have become burglars themselves. Recently, for example, they broke into private homes to break up a child’s birthday party and to track down and arrest parents who were hiding in the bathroom or in closets with their little ones. Who doesn’t involuntarily think of the wolf and the seven little goats?

Or one thinks of the police operations with the purpose of chasing children and parents away from the toboggan runs when it snows. And to make matters worse, the economic livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of small businesses and millions of people are destroyed in the process.

But despite all efforts – accompanied by hysterical press reports – the number of deaths among the old and infirm has again risen sharply this wet and cold winter – as, incidentally, it does every year during this season. But the media horror of the bad news was this time accompanied by the salvation message of the imminent use of completely new, never before used, but supposedly absolutely reliable and thoroughly tested vaccines.

And now – oh horror – of all things these vaccines, on which according to government propaganda the great hope for the protection of the elderly rested, have turned out to be dangerous killers of the vulnerable, pre-diseased and frail seniors.

But if Norway’s new vaccination guideline, namely that frail elderly people are better off ‘not getting vaccinated’, is now catching on everywhere, why should the younger ones get vaccinated? According to scientific analyses, COVID-19 does not pose a greater risk to the young than normal influenza.


The U.S. National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) reported last August 26, based on a review of the 200,000 alleged “corona deaths” in the U.S. up to that time, that coronavirus was the only recognized cause in only 6 percent of the deaths declared to be due to COVID-19. In the other 94 percent of cases recorded as COVID-19 deaths, there was an average of 2.6 additional serious illnesses, such as chronic lung disease or severe hypertension, and most importantly, in some cases, influenza disease, that had caused death in addition to the coronavirus. This means that only 12,000 people in the USA (6 percent of 200,000) died exclusively ‘from’ corona. The large remainder of the 188,000 people who died ‘with’ corona had, on average, been diagnosed with two to three other life-threatening diseases at the same time. In the updated data as of January 13, 2021, the average even grew to 2.9 additional serious diseases.

In addition, the official ‘U.S. Center for Disease Control’ had published a survey on September 10 last year that showed for the first time the number of actual deaths broken down by age group based on the actual trend in the number of people suffering from COVID-19 or even just testing positive.

Accordingly, in the United States, the probability of dying after infection with coronavirus and with appropriate preexisting conditions was as follows:

Aged 0 to 19 years, stirbt 1 in 34,000 infected;

Aged 20 to 49 Jahren 1 in 5,000;

Aged 50 to 69, Jahren 1 in 200, and aged 70 and older, Jahren 1 in 20 infected.

Instead of showing the mortality probability as above, the chances of survival after infection can be shown as follows on the basis of the same figures:

Age groupSurvival rate 00 – 19 99.9 percent

20 – 49 99.9 percent

50 – 69 99.5 percent

70 + 94.6 percent

Against the background of these facts, the question naturally arises why the very largest part of the population, i.e. those under 70, should be vaccinated at all, if vaccination of the very old and frail is discouraged? For the younger ones, the chances of survival are so great that the benefit, namely the prospect of a favorable COVID-19 disease course, hardly outweighs, if at all, the risks of vaccination, namely the unknown long-term risk of the vaccine. This is because what is known so far from the collected scientific literature about the potential long-term effects of the new vaccines is anything but confidence-inspiring. More about this below.

The only argument in favor of vaccinating the young could be that this would reduce the risk of infecting the elderly, who are particularly at risk. But this claim is not true, because even the proponents of vaccination had to admit that no one knows whether vaccinated against Corona can continue to infect others with the virus or not. Therefore, the current official directive is that even vaccinated people must continue to wear masks.

The best thing that could be done for the elderly and infirm under these conditions would, of course, be to do everything possible to strengthen their body’s own immune forces under professional supervision, for example, by using the right fruit, appropriate vegetables and nutritional supplements. This is exactly what a Chinese scientist has now recommended to the Norwegians.

Why haven’t we, in the supposedly progressive West, thought of this yet? Is it possibly because the powerful pharmaceutical industry cannot make billions in profits with this simple but obvious method, and its ‘corona politicians’ cannot distinguish themselves as ‘crisis managers’?

Let us now turn to the scientific reports on the potential long-term effects of the novel COVID-19 vaccines, which unfortunately have been ignored by politicians and their advising experts, the pharmaceutical lobbyists and their press people. Whether this was done out of negligence or in good faith, or to avoid unnecessary panic in the population, or with criminal intent, or for the purpose of profit maximization, or for the purpose of legitimizing state intervention in the fundamental rights of citizens to create a police state against the backdrop of the financial and banking crisis that has been coming to a head again since October 2019, is not clear. Let everyone judge that for themselves by keeping their eyes open and questioning everything – even more so when someone comes along and says: “Trust us, we come from the government!”

The results of a study by U.S. scientists recently published in the International Journal of Clinical Practice found that there is sufficient literature to conclude that COVID-19 vaccines increase the risk of more severe disease and that recipients should be informed of all risks prior to vaccination – which apparently is not being done. The researchers concluded that vaccines can exacerbate COVID-19 disease through antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) and that these risks are kept secret in clinical trial protocols and consent forms.

Durchgeführt wurde die Studie von Timothy Cardozo vom Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology, NYU Langone Health, New York und von Ronald Veazey von der Division of Comparative Pathology, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Tulane University School of Medicine, Tulane National Primate Research Center, Covington, Louisiana.

Researchers reviewed published literature to identify preclinical and clinical evidence. Clinical trial protocols for COVID-19 vaccines were also reviewed to determine if risks were properly disclosed. In doing so, the researchers concluded that people who receive COVID-19 vaccines have a higher risk of developing more severe diseases than those who are not vaccinated. The study also concludes that this fact is kept secret in clinical trial protocols and consent forms. Literally, it states:

“COVID-19 vaccines, which are designed to elicit neutralizing antibodies, may sensitize vaccine recipients to more severe diseases than if they were not vaccinated. Vaccines against SARS, MERS, and RSV have never been licensed, and data generated during the development and testing of these vaccines suggest a serious mechanistic problem.

That vaccines developed empirically using the traditional approach (consisting of the unmodified or minimally modified coronavirus viral tip to elicit neutralizing antibodies) and consisting of protein, viral vector, DNA, or RNA can exacerbate COVID-19 disease through antibody-dependent enhancers (ADEs) regardless of the delivery method.

This risk is so obscured in protocolized clinical trials and consent forms for ongoing COVID-19 vaccine studies that adequate patient understanding of this risk is unlikely, where truly informed consent by subjects in these studies is prevented.”

The scientists therefore recommended that these risks of ADE be disclosed to those being vaccinated. This could perhaps also explain why especially the better trained medical personnel are particularly skeptical about COVID-19 vaccinations. They certainly have a knowledge advantage that the mass of vaccination believers lack.

RT DE strives to present a broad spectrum of opinions. Guest contributions and opinion articles do not have to reflect the views of the editorial team.

Editor’s note: In a previous version of the article, the teaser incorrectly stated that in Norway

‘Vaccinations for the elderly have been suspended’. However, as correctly described in the article itself, the Norwegian Institute    of    Public    Health    merely    warns of    the    potential ‘serious    consequences’    of    vaccination for ‘frail, elderly people’ and recommends weighing up, as the benefits of vaccination may be marginal or irrelevant’ for those ‘who have a very short remaining lifespan anyway’.


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