Contact Report 757

Unofficial/Official DeepL Translation

Contains Translation Errors to be Corrected

Conversation between Ptaah of the Plejarian Federation and ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier, BEAM 

Seven hundred and fifty-seventh contact Thursday, October 29, 2020, 23.44h 

Ptaah Eduard, greetings, dear friend 

Billy Greetings, too, my friend, and welcome, Ptaah   

Ptaah What we are talking about today, Eduard, again requires the attention of retrieving and writing down or retrieving and recording, because our last conversation you retrieved was the one on September 28. 

Billy Yes, I know that.  Unfortunately, my extensive work has long since made it impossible for me to retrieve and write down all the conversations, so only those that are of importance can be considered.  We’ve always done it this way, but for some time now the whole thing has had to be restricted even more.  Therefore many conversations have not been retrieved and written down during the last 2 years.  If you see the list here in the computer, then there are 757 recorded reports of conversations so far with today’s conversation, which I will add here right now … so the whole thing now looks like this, which I will add here when I retrieve today’s conversation and write down the report.  

The 17th block is in print and ready for sale from spring next year, and the 18th block is in control circulation and will probably be in print next year as well. Since Monday, January 28, 1975, until Thursday, October 29, 2020, there have been 2173 personal and 1541 telepathic contacts with extraterrestrials from the Plejars in the ANKAR universe and from their Federation members on a purely missionary basis, and these contacts are still continuing.  

Written contact reports exist for 757 contacts, summarized in 17 blocks of about 500 A4 pages, partly with contemporary documents/newspaper clippings etc. as proof of proven/fulfilled predictions and events etc.  A great number of purely private visits, during which only private conversations are conducted, are not included in the purely mission-related official contact reports. 

Ptaah The data you mention here are also in accordance with our records. 

Billy That must be so.  But look here, our resident Michael showed me this on the computer.  I have been attacked 23 times, but the last time Daniel could have been hit if the projectile hadn’t bounced off a small tree trunk.  But now, look at this, some lunatic in the USA has been threatening to blow out Michael Horn’s life light for quite some time, and this for about 2 years or so, as Michael says.   

Ptaah – – – This is unfortunate, and he should be careful, because people who make such threats are sneaky and act from ambush, as you know from your own experience.  Greet him, and give my advise him to be careful, because people who make such threats are unpredictable and act out of hatred and usually from ambush. 

Billy Yes, I too have had experience with this, because all 23 times they all shot from a greater distance from the ambush, but I was always lucky and was only injured once.  That was at Ashoka Ashram in India, in Mehrauli. At that time there was a police report about it because the swami reported the incident to the police.  I myself also reported the first attempt on my life to the police in Hinwil when someone tried to shoot me through the window, but there was only a hole in the window pane and the bullet hit the ceiling.  Although the matter went to the governor, he was obviously only amused about it, so nothing was done – not even a police report was made.  Therefore I gave up reporting any further attacks to the police.  However, Silvano then reported an incident when I was shot at in Saland, when we came from Wetzikon and also saw the shooter.  The bullet bounced off the windshield of the car, but it was so damaged that it had to be replaced. This indicator also fell flat and was made ridiculous, because everything was attributed to a stone chip that must have been thrown up by a passing car, period.  But there was no other car on the road, but the police in Pfäffikon stuck to their false assertion, so not even a police report was made.  So no attack has been reported to the police since then either.  What’s the point if everything is just made ridiculous, even when witnesses can confirm everything! 

Ptaah I am aware of this, but I cannot understand such behavior on the part of the police and a governor, including this one, which is directed against Michael Horn.  It is unquestionable why various people act in such a way and even consider murder, namely because the truth is suppressed, concealed and should not come out in public.  And I see this truth in our existence, as well as in your important <teaching of truth, teaching of the energy of creation, teaching of life, firstly in the long lasting course of the <spiritual teaching> with almost 300 teaching letters, and secondly in your numerous multi-thematic books and writings. 

 However, these are only these 2 aspects, because the 3rd is also fought, even more strongly, by your predictions, which you have been trying to publish in public media for about 75 years.  However, you are not allowed to make them public, because the whole thing reveals in the first place everything that is being destroyed, annihilated and exterminated by the unrestrainedly growing overpopulation.  Then, in 2nd place, in the front line of all the mischief, come all branches of the economy, which do everything in the foreground as a result of their greedy pursuit of profit and unscrupulously and irresponsibly affect the planet, its nature, fauna and flora, all ecosystems, and the destruction of the climate, including the atmosphere, in order to satisfy the countless vital, but often unnecessary needs of the irresponsibly managed overpopulation.  But this, with this threatening behavior against Michael Horn, that is pathetic. 

Death threat and threats against Michael Horn

Michael Horn has written the following via e-Post

So, on this video he’s posted under names like Oliver, Mario Martin, Aaron Friedmann, Jo Weiss and Magic, attacking Billy, etc.:”

“Under this video (on YouTube) he has also attacked under names like Oliver, Mario Martin, Aaron Friedmann, Jo Weiss and Magic Billy, etc.:”;

Billy The whole of these threats is more than just primitive, stupid, simple-minded and intelligent, so there is probably nothing more to be said about it.  But what interests me is this:  What do you know about the 2nd wave of the Corona epidemic, which is really hitting the headlines and cannot be stopped for the time being?  

Especially Switzerland is hit hard, as well as all European countries that thought they had survived the epidemic, like Italy and Spain.  But now Germany, France and England as well as Austria, Poland and the Czech Republic etc., then Brazil and South America will be affected. 

 Israel will also be severely affected once again, and if I remember the forecasts from the year 1947, which I called up again a few days ago, then since the official announcement of the epidemic at the end of December 2019 in Wuhan/China – although the epidemic did indeed start at the beginning of 2019 and caused many deaths by the end of the year without being recognized – by the end of next November there will be more than 60 million infected people and about 1.5 million corona deaths worldwide. 

 In the USA alone, the epidemic catastrophe will continue for a long time to come, and by the end of next November, because nothing is being done about the epidemic, it will have claimed well over 255,000 lives, for which the unteachable and pathologically power-obsessed and stupid idiot President Trample Tramp Trump alone will have to bear the blame.  

Brazil is also growing rapidly with deaths that will be around 170,000 in late November, 135,000 in India and 103,000 in Mexico.  By the end of November, Europe, too, will have to mourn many corona deaths: Germany around 15,000, France and England around 50,000 each, Austria around 2,500, and Switzerland around 4,000. 

Ptaah All around, and I am referring here to all the states of the world, all those responsible for the state and the authorities are not in any way ordering, enforcing and carrying out everything that is necessary to not only contain the corona epidemic, which is raging as a pandemic, but to end it.  A further mutation of the virus will also occur in the coming weeks.  

So, as you say, the epidemic will claim about 1.5 million lives by the end of November next year, because all state and government officials are incompetent and do not know what to do.  In the same way, all conspiracy theorists and their followers, all other negators, know-it-alls and pathologically stupid people who do not care about reason and 

Reason strive to recognize the truth of the danger of the epidemic and situation and to face it, if I may once use your own words. 

Billy My question, to what extent all over the world the rulers and authorities will take and enforce the right measures to prevent the worst, is already answered with your answer.  Then all the stupid idiots of the people, the negators as well as the rulers and the authorities of the people, as well as all those who deny the plague, are absolutely stupid and simple-minded, as well as all those who follow the mad conspiracy theorists as blind believers, who promote the disaster even more and should be put behind bars as well as those who shout in their stupidity and irrationality and demand the observance of false basic rights at the expense of the health and death of many people.  But when they themselves are hit by the plague, then these demo roarers are the first to cry shamefully in their belief in God for help, healing and forgiveness for their <misunderstanding>.  

But that does not help them either, because many of them will then finally be infected by the epidemic themselves and die, because their imaginary God cannot help them either, whom they are begging senselessly.  But to talk about it any further would be to carry water into the Rhine. What we have to talk about, however, is a question asked by those two people who have been trying for years to prove scientifically that my photos and 8mm films are not fakes and that the beam ships are not models etc., but rather correspond to reality. 

 Regarding the fir tree at the <Hofhalde> above Wetzikon, we know that this was a projection and in reality it was about 25 meters below the place where I could take the photos and the 8mm film. But the film disappeared without a trace, just like those from the Bachtelhörnli, one from the Sädelegg, one from Maiwinkel by jet, from Winkelriet in Wetzikon and one from Berg-Rumlikon.  But now it’s about what I asked you, namely that you were asked what happened to the other fir trees, especially the one outside Hinwil.  I also needed to know the name of the place and I don’t remember the name of the place or how I got there, because your daughter Semjase often took me to places where I had to carry my moped. 

Ptaah Yes, that was so, my daughter confirmed it to me.  But, as she explained, it was inevitable because there were often people in the area where you had to do your filming and photography work.  She also gave me the necessary information and answers to your questions.   

First of all, you had to carry out your filming and photography only in places and under circumstances that had been previously selected by two of our experts in special landscaping to guarantee certain backgrounds, which left no doubt that any fakes could have been made by hanging small or larger models of jet ships.  The fact that you would be accused of forgery and fraud and charlatanism was determined by us on the spot, so that for all the photographs, special landscapes were chosen where my daughter would take you. 

The routes to these places were sometimes very tedious and difficult for you to drive and walk, but the pre-determined places had to be, because it was also determined with foresight that the places and their exact locations would later be checked and measured by various specialists from various organizations, filmmakers, scientists and secret services, and strictly dissected, researched and examined by means of manufactured object models etc.   Concerning the projections of various trees, which my daughter Semjase projected from different locations to other places, the reason was that  These projections often had to be abruptly resolved when, despite all caution, people appeared and … 

Billy What unfortunately often happened, despite all caution, was that Semjase made the projection and its beam ship disappear suddenly. 

Ptaah Yes, she said that too.  But the projections were also chosen for the reason that from the beam-ship a strong insolation would have destroyed the trees, whereby such an action would be contrary to our directives and therefore not allowed, because they tell us that we have to protect all genera and species of life forms and only take defensive action against them if there is an effective need for it.  However, such a necessity never existed in the film and image project work, so projections were made. 

Billy I can understand that, but you use a term to explain a destruction of trees, which I actually only know from physics and which cannot be explained as simple radiation.  <Insolation>, this is the term I use, and I don’t understand what insolation has to do with radiation in relation to the radiation ship.  If you can please explain this to me in simple words, because I cannot make any sense of it with the best will in the world, because the ray-ship is not a sun and is not visible like one and does not radiate heat. 

Ptaah So you know what insolation means, how this term is used in physics, and … 

Billy Yes, of course I know that, because I am also interested in aspects of physics , so I know that insolation actually means that something is exposed to and hit by strong solar radiation, like the Earth or any other planet in the SOL system, but also in all galaxies with other suns and their systems.  Insolation in astronomy simply means the radiation of the sun on the earth, the moon and all celestial bodies in the SOL system.  

Furthermore, I learned from your father Sfath that insolation also refers to dermatology and in medicine to the fact that the hot sun radiation affects the skin and causes sunstroke and sunburn.  So that, dear friend, I can understand that with my small martyred brain and I can understand it, but what it has to do with the radiation of the radiation ship, I can only understand effectively like a poor ignorant lunatic, who stands in front of 7 bohemian forests and hopes that you will explain the whole thing, so that I can enter these forests, find the solution and be amazed.   

Ptaah Of course, you can’t know that if nothing has been explained to you, but I can explain the whole of the insolation at our airplanes in a few words.  It is correct what you say, because our airplanes are, in terms of their radiation, a sun-like heat radiation, which is generated at certain moments and has a dangerous and destructive effect on everything, if an airplane comes too close or even directly in contact with any living being.  But since you have not been enlightened in this respect, you cannot know that several of our aircraft, like the one of my daughter Semjase at that time, were necessarily still heat radiation effective.  

This means that our aircraft, which we were still using 40 years ago in terrestrial airspace, were equipped with radiant heaters on their outer hulls, which generated a temperature of 276 degrees heat.  This corresponded to a precautionary measure, by which all poisonous gases in finest aggregate states, which floated in the atmosphere of the earth, which are still present today and in the future, were neutralized and burned around our aircrafts, so that they could not stick to the outer hulls and could not become harmful to our health, if they would have come loose again in our hangars and we would have breathed them in.  

That these deposits actually occurred, and will continue to occur in the future, on all existing materials etc., with which people will come into contact again and become immune-damaged, has been proven beyond doubt by our physical forces.  However, the entire terrestrial physics and medicine has no idea of this, just as they have no technical possibilities whatsoever to detect and analyze all these fine gas aggregate states and their poisonous dangerousness in the atmosphere, which have an immune-damaging and disease-promoting effect on life forms, especially humans.

The various exhaust gases and poisonous substances that enter the atmosphere on earth are transformed in the atmosphere into various new ultrafine gas aggregate states, which are still completely unknown to terrestrial physics research, as it is equally the case with poisonous substances, which are released by the entire terrestrial agricultural economy, chemical industry, factories of all kinds, by resource extraction as well as private use etc., which gass to ultrafine poisonous gas aggregate states and impregnate the atmosphere harmful to health for all forms of life.  This is, however, as I already mentioned, despite all previous and far-reaching knowledge of the entire terrestrial physics, still absolutely unknown, just as it still lacks all technical and other possibilities in order to be able to make determinations, gain knowledge and carry out analyses in the finest material area of gaseous states of aggregation.   

Billy This is a steep one, but Sfath, your father, already spoke of this when he taught me that gas as matter actually corresponds to an unshaped invisible mass of a non-solid and non-liquid state, which can only be detected in the atmosphere in coarser or denser forms by terrestrial physics research, but not in the very finest states of matter, which, as he also explained, are deposited everywhere and also have an immunodefining and thus pathogenic effect on life forms.  

He also taught me that poisonous substances of all kinds, including all poisons that are released into nature as pesticides and growth substances, poison not only the people themselves but also the entire fauna and flora and that these are harmful to health, but he also explained that gases are produced from all these poisonous substances. The poisons, which dissolve after the application by humidity and penetrate into the plants and poison them – whereby then humans are poisoned again and become ill etc. -, partly gasify, whereby these developing new gases mix with other poison excretions and new gas aggregate states, whereby again changes and thereby, depending upon their kind, new and evenly very fine-material aggregate states develop, which bind themselves in the atmosphere and are immunodeficient and harmful to health. But as Sfath said, like you, our present physics and physics research is not yet, and not for a long time until the distant future, able to even perceive these fine gas forms.  

Our physics must be glad that it can detect, analyze and name the gases known to it so far, such as the flammable, explosive, liquid, poisonous, odorous and odorless gases, such as exhaust gases of various kinds, exhaust gas and LPG, as well as other gases such as corrosive gas, acetylene gas and other gases.  Dissous gas, biogas, fire gas, lignite gas, fuel gas, butane gas, chlorine gas, landfill gas, distillation gas, compressed gas, noble gas, natural gas, digester gas, gas from a gas pipeline, bottled gas, liquid gas,  Generator gas, odor gas, blast furnace gas, poison gas, mine gas, heating gas, wood gas, inert gas, war gas, sewer gas, climate gas, oxyhydrogen gas, laughing gas, lighting gas, air gas, methane gas, moor gas, natural gas,

Nerve gas, oil gas, propane gas, flue gas, clean gas, irritant gas, raw gas, harmful gas, shale gas, protective gas, carbonization gas, mustard gas, town gas, swamp gas, synthesis gas, tear gas, propellant gas, greenhouse gases, combustion gas, water gas, wind gas.   

The gases themselves are usually invisible, but still every gas has a color, even if it is hardly visible, but still visible with suitable equipment, which is, as far as I know, unknown to our <bright> and <clever> minds of physics, who deal with this much more far-reaching matter than they can imagine.

They have no idea, let alone any knowledge, of this either, and indeed they would be amazed if they could see even a part of all that Sfath has demonstrated to me with your technical possibilities and showed me what will remain hidden to us earthlings with all our poor means in the world of physics for centuries to come.   What I say again, that is actually not part of what you want to explain.  Excuse me, because I am simply always overwhelmed by explanations .

Ptaah Yes, I know that, but it is a good thing, because you are used to add explanations in order to present a matter in the best possible way, which leads to a clear understanding of the facts. And this is not the case with earthly teachers of all kinds, because they have not acquired this ability, although it would be of great importance.   

But back to what was the real issue: The poisonous fine gases in the atmosphere, which are just as unknown to terrestrial physics as the fact that they settle on everything material, as it would have been directly on the outer shell of our airplanes, could have endangered our health if we had come into contact with them, so we eliminated them by heat radiation.  And this radiation was also dangerous for all living creatures, so my daughter Semjase was not allowed to come in direct contact with the trees used for film and image work, which were then projected.  

Our technology in the airplanes generated a heat radiation, which acts like a solar radiation on the surface of living things of every genus and species, but only more intense and therefore dangerous and destructive. As you know, if we now assume solar radiation, insolation forms the flux that impinges on a part of objects and irradiates them.  The … 

Billy Excuse me if I interrupt you, because if you are talking about objects now, I think that you are probably not only talking about the flux of the incident natural solar radiation, but you are also talking about the flux of the natural sunlight.  solar radiation into the atmosphere and onto the sea surface and the earth’s surface, but also in relation to nature as a whole, its fauna and flora, and all of the ecosystems and all of the material and living things in general, in relation to direct radiation on everything that arises in relation to a dependence on insolation, on solar radiation, isn’t it? 

Ptaah That’s right – what should I explain to you, Eduard, if you already know it? 

Billy Sorry, I just wanted to make sure.  Let’s forget it, then.  But what about what I asked about – about Hinwil? 

Ptaah As far as the film and the pictures outside Hinwil are concerned, the place and its surroundings are called <Fröschlexen>, as my daughter mentioned.  My daughter also projected the tree there, a large fir tree, from the surrounding forest onto the meadow, about 10 – 12 meters away from a building that can also be seen in the film and the pictures in the background. 

Billy Good, thank you.  So then we have this.  Unfortunately only a small piece of old film exists today. I don’t have any film left, but what I do have are about 200 photos, because most of them disappeared without a trace, far more than 1300, including the 36 slides of <Fröschlexen>.  At every place where I had to take pictures, I always took the whole film, just their 36 slides. From various places where I had to make films and photos, various films and slides disappeared without a trace from my office at Wihaldenstrasse 10 in Hinwil during the first days after work, before I could bring them to Mr. Bear for development.  

How and who stole everything and made it disappear, I can only guess.  In the course of time more and more films and photos disappeared.  Moreover, my originals were falsified by photographer Schmid, as he repeatedly emphasized, in cooperation and under control of <Men in Black>, who were CIA people, and were provided with <hanging threads> and copies were made of them, while these people took my originals, as he said when I confronted him.  

The whole thing was supposedly done to give the impression that I was photographing suspended models.  So a lot of my films and photos had been manipulated, but I only noticed this a long time later, after he returned some of my material to me.  The missing material was taken away by the CIA people, as they had been the ones who manipulated and falsified the Asket photo.  Always and Again and again he explained that these people had forced him to do everything and that he had to do it because of that.  In addition, he was afraid, as he complained again and again. 

Various of my films and photos were also handled by Martin Sorge, who had received them from … because … everything was stolen that was possible, which is why there was a dispute with a neighbor over a stolen, very expensive finger ring, as well as police stories and trouble with the boss and a saleswoman at Migros – over stolen bacon.  I also stole and sold … my 8mm original films as well as copies, for Fr. 1000.00, as I only found out many years later from Michael Hesemann, because he wanted to buy a film copy when he was still a teenager, but of course he couldn’t afford it as a trainee, because where would he have gotten so much money from! 

Then there was … to whom I gave all my films and slides for administration, but this person also stole like a magpie and sold my original slides and photo prints, thus accumulating a small fortune, which was enough for him and his brother, who had the private pilot’s license, to rent a twin-engined Piper Aztec, which I had previously rented myself from the small airport Lommis in the canton of Thurgau – where Bernadette (note: the name of the airport was not known to me) was based.  where Bernadette (note: in her spare time) was working and where I met her – to Belp/Bern, because the pilot sitting next to me allowed me to fly it.  The data of this machine is quite interesting, so I will look it up on Wikipedia and add it to my explanation. 

(Wikipedia:PiperAztec;PiperPA-23Aztec;PiperPA-23-250AztecC;Type:Business Aircraft Design Country:United States


Maiden Flight:1. October1958

Production time:1959-1981


The PiperPA-23Aztec is a twin-engined light aircraft from the US aircraft manufacturer PiperAircraft Corporation and the successor to the PiperPA-23Apache.The aircraft went into production in 1959 and was built until early 1982.

The sample was first developed from a rebuilt PA-23pache under the name PiperPA-27Aztec. In October 1957, Piper received approval from the US Federal Aviation Administration (CAA) to rename the type ‘PA-23-250’, allowing the existing type certification of the packages to continue to be used, but the Aztec was produced with a serial number beginning with ’27-‘ (instead of 23-).

In the USA, the pattern is also known as ‘AzTruck’ because of the high load capacity and the low travel speed of approximately 240km/hTAS. The aircraft is powered by two right-turning six-cylinder boxer engines of type 0-540 or IO-540 with each 186 kW and offers a maximum of 5 passengers in addition to the pilot. It is equipped with a hydraulic retractable landing gear and the landing flaps are also hydraulically operated.

The first Aztec series, the AztecA, still has the short nose of the Apache235 without front luggage compartment. with the introduction of the B series, the fuselage nose was extended to provide more luggage compartment and the number of seats was increased from 5 to 6.

With the introduction of the 1964 C-Series, gasoline-injected engines were offered as standard and turbochargers were available as options. and the engine nacelle was fitted with radiator flaps. the main changes to the instrument panel and the arrangement of the controls were made more ergonomic for both the D,E and F-Series.

PiperPA-23Aztec:Usage:TheUS-AmericanMarine bought twenty copies among others and used them asUO-1(from1962:U-11).

Until the late 1980s, this type of aircraft was mainly used by small airlines for commercial purposes, which produced privately operated goods.

The high cost of fuel (consumption of approximately 100 lAvgas per hour) and the high maintenance requirements of commercial operations make them unprofitable today, but they are still used in the Caribbean, where they have a high load capacity and can reach a high speed not unintentionally.

Six aircraft of this type are currently registered in Germany. TechnicalData(PA23-250AztecC)


Wing area19,3m²;Empty mass1500kg;Take-off mass2360kg;Range1900km;Service ceiling6100m;

Maximum speed340km/h;max.

Rate of climb460m/min

Enginestwo 6-cylinder boxer enginesLycomingIO-540-C4B5,je250PS(186kW)

What came out of all this as a whole story was that about 2 years later the two brothers flew to Africa in the Congo with the rented plane and 1 or 2 passengers and spent 3 months on vacation there.  When they came back, both of them were not with us in the FIGU for long, but dropped out, wherein I have to be glad that I still got some of my film and photo material back, just the 200 or so pictures I still have today. 

Ptaah Your statements are much more than I knew so far, because my daughter Semjase did not give me any information about them. 

Billy meaning that is probably because you are individually responsible for your tasks and do not speak among yourselves about your work 

Ptaah That is right and was also the case with my father, so that I only now learn, while reading and looking up his annals, what really happened and happened during the times of his work on earth and with you.  And in the process I also learn about events about which he did not speak to you, so that he also left you in the dark about various events, occurrences and all kinds of results.  For this he has also given reasons which I find understandable, but which are no longer relevant today.  This for once, as he also advised you to keep silent with respect to many facts, partly even for your whole life, which you will undoubtedly keep.  Admittedly I know from the annals what it is about, which is why I also do not want to talk about it now or later, because you probably know a lot more than just what my father wrote and what I probably should not know either, as a special note suggests. And as for your silence, which you learned from my father, I would like to say that it was good, because if you hadn’t been silent and hadn’t had a certain knowledge …

 Billy It’s okay, Ptaah, I don’t want to talk about that.  It’s not necessary, because I never broke my word that I gave to Sfath, because I kept my mouth shut. 

Ptaah I know that, but it is written in my father’s annals that you do not have to keep your silence on certain matters, such as when people have died and are no longer exposed to any danger that could harm them in any way, such as severe punishment by civil or military laws, but also danger to their lives, their work, their partnership, neighborhood or family peace, etc. 

Billy Yes, now that you mention it, but I simply completely forgot about it when I was a boy, because silence became a secular act or rather a uniqueness of something very extraordinary for me early on, which became a life behavior of honor and dignity for me, in relation to myself, as well as in relation to every human being, all living things, the laws of nature, all ecosystems, nature and its fauna and flora, the universe as well as in relation to everything creative in general.  This silence also taught me to think through everything and anything thoroughly, to judge, decide, determine, and consequently act according to reason and understanding. 

And above all, it also kept me from simply yapping a hole full of endless chatter and, self-referencing and making myself important, endlessly babbling away for a cause for which a few words would suffice.  But the swashbucklers don’t get it, and their gibberish only bores those who seem to be listening, who in reality are not listening, but very quickly lose interest in the babbling and lamenting of those who are only superficially talking, and consequently nothing is learned or followed.

It may well sound banal and stupid to many people, that silence leads to a consequence of logical reasoning and thus to building and using logical thoughts, but effectivly this develops out of silence as a prominent fact and ability.  And only this makes it possible to grasp deep thoughts, to sort and construct them and to make clear and consequential considerations.  And only by this way logical knowledge can be made and right decisions and resolutions can be made, which are then acted and normally done right.   

Ptaah And this corresponds to a teaching that already benefits us Plejars through parental education.  And as for your explanation, my father has made a special note in his notes, namely that he did not teach you this knowledge, but that you yourself had gained it and you had aligned yourself to it.   

Billy It simply happened because I felt the need to live in honor and dignity from an early age and to maintain honor and dignity in an appropriate manner towards everything and everyone. But I could only do this by keeping silent – apart from what Sfath told me to keep silent about many things, events, occurrences and situations, views, opinions and actions etc. that came to me with and through other people, but by giving them thorough thought and considerations in order to find the crucial points.   

Ptaah All those who speak many words should do this, for then even those who are addressed would become listeners, who would only listen uninterestedly to the talkings of those who like to hear themselves speak, but to those important facts which are not only said for the sake of unnecessary and banal talk. 

Billy You have great desires, my friend, which should indeed reach the ears of the nay-sayers, but I think that if that happens, then nevertheless neither thought about it nor action will be taken.  But if it is taken up, then the corresponding action is taken once or at most twice, and then everything is already forgotten again, and consequently the yapping continues within the old framework, so that those who do not listen also continue to sleep in, nothing is heard and nothing is understood, nothing is learned and nothing is changed.  But to philosophize about this is nonsensical, for what you have spoken about, concerning the fact that silence need no longer be kept when there is no longer any danger for certain people, as there is when they have died, for example, is more important.  Besides, you also said something that Sfath Diverses didn’t tell me, but which I should perhaps know today?   

Ptaah Yes, there are certain things that you should know, but only that you know them, without any special importance, because most of them are facts that concern the past, but only a few that concern the future. 

Billy Aha, but do you know, whether I still learn something from the past or not, it’s not like it’s going to matter today, is it?  However, as far as things of the future are concerned, which your father Sfath didn’t tell me, if he fathomed them in the future, I know that he didn’t tell me some things about this, but maybe it would be good to know today.  And concerning old things, about which I don’t have to keep silent anymore, I don’t know what would be important to talk about. 

Ptaah For you it would probably not be important, because you consider everything as over and forgotten, as you say often enough in our conversations, but the facts to be mentioned correspond to an importance as information, which should be mentioned and finally be disclosed to all persons informatively, in order to clarify previously veiled connections, which are indispensable for understanding the whole of our contacts and all persons involved. 

Billy And again, what do you understand by <veiled connections>, my son? 

Ptaah Also aha, then again <my son>, has become rare.  I would be honored if it were indeed so.  But to your question: My father never told you that even before you were born, he personally contacted Pastor Rudolf Emanuel Zimmermann, taught him about your mission in his flying machine for several hours and let him see the planet and also the whole earth from a great height. 

 He pledged to remain silent for the rest of his life, as did all the others who were later initiated into your mission in the same way and were allowed to enter his aircraft once.  You only know that my father Sfath had direct and unique personal contact with your first teacher, Karl Graf, at the beginning of your school days, and you attended the 1st to 3rd grade with him.  He was the second person my father contacted regarding you.  

However, the same happened with teacher Gustav Lehmann, who, together with teacher Graf, corrected and edited your predictions without you knowing it, which were then sent out.  However, you did not get to know teacher Lehman personally until years later, when you completed grades 4 to 6 with him.

Because Teacher Graf often talked to you about your mission and you often brought up questions of a psychological nature that he could not answer, he sought the acquaintance of the pastor’s son, Professor Carl Gustav Jung, which Pastor Zimmermann arranged for him by also contacting him and initiating him into the whole of your mission.  He also committed himself to lifelong silence and supported teacher Graf with regard to your questions, which they discussed together, after which teacher Graf could answer them after days or weeks. 

Billy Well, I didn’t know that, because your father Sfath never told me anything about that, except that with Teacher Graf.  But I’m not really surprised about that, because I always knew that Sfath didn’t tell me everything, just as I made his way of doing things my own and therefore didn’t tell him certain things, which he also knew.  Either way, certain things were simply taboo, so we didn’t talk about them. 

Ptaah This is also noted in father’s annals, as well as other things about which you kept silent not only to me but also to my daughter Semjase. Asket also explained that you both behaved in the way she explained to me when I was with her and Semjase to inquire about what you were asking me questions about.   

Billy Yes what, did Asket actually complain that I didn’t tell her everything either? 

Ptaah No, there weren’t any complaints, because she was talking about the usual, how you know this from our behavior and you also behave in the same way.  During our conversation, however, it turned out that she mentioned Wendelle Stevens and said that he was also known to her personally.  However, she did not want to get involved in further explanations, but referred me to you, which I did and you asked me to ask her again for the place and date of your first meeting with Wendelle Stevens.  Only a few days later did she tell me more about your and her first and further acquaintance with him.  He too was strictly bound to silence and was not allowed to talk to anyone about your early acquaintance.  

This was also not the case when the predetermined official path to an official acquaintance with him via Lou Zinsstag – Professor C.G. Jung was a distant uncle to her – had come about.  Your much earlier acquaintance with Wendelle Stevens, however, as Asket explained, had to remain as secret as her contact with him.  He was under constant surveillance by the secret service and had to answer questions several times, but because he was silent and gave no information whatsoever about what was suspected about him, false accusations were made against him, which he silently accepted and was therefore innocently sentenced to a longer prison term.  

Nevertheless, he continued to remain silent, because otherwise he would have been accused of endangering the state and would have had to spend his last years as a prisoner. But now that he has gone, Asket said when I asked her that she would probably not have to keep her silence anymore, she gave some dates where and when you first saw and met Wendelle Stevens.  

According to her, that was in the United States of America on May 14, 1969, in an area called Casa Adobes, but where the three of you were there several times until 1975, in areas called the Asket <Saguoro area>, <Javslina Rocks>, <Pine top Lake> and <Gila Bend>.

Asket also told me that she told Wendelle Stevens the date and location of a forthcoming secret test flight regarding a secret new type of fighter aircraft, the F 117A, which would take place in June 1981 in an area called “Groom Lake. He was tempted to use them to penetrate and hide in the area and then, when the test flight was made, to take a large number of pictures at the risk of his life.  If he had been noticed by the many guards who secured the whole area, he would have been shot immediately without a phone call, as Asket said.

And while I am on the subject of taking pictures of a fighter plane, I would like to ask you what happened at the so-called Maiwinkel, where similar pictures were taken, when my daughter Semjase was followed by a Swiss Air Force fighter plane with her plane, which had a special purpose, as my daughter mentioned.  But I am supposed to ask you about this, because you were responsible for a certain situation and an incident at that time, but you are allowed to talk about it today, because the two people involved in the matter have also died, as my daughter said, because she clarified this during her last visit to you on September 4, because she knew through a future review that this matter would also be brought up. 

Billy Are all the secrets that I had to keep silent for so long to be revealed?  This seems very strange to me, and I also wonder if this will be good? 

Ptaah We have not fathomed what will happen, so a reaction can be positive or negative, but it should not be taken into consideration because the circumstances of the time require that these facts be known.  This may have unpleasant consequences, as you rightly fear, but as always, you will know how to cope with them.   

Billy That’s a great consolation, and it takes a load off my mind, but then the Himalayas hit me in the head, smashed my skull and rammed me into the ground without a point, maybe just deep enough to land in hell. 

Ptaah Anyway, you are not a person of faith, so it is not relevant from this point of view, because you are used to let a thing, no matter what, get close to you in order to dissect and master it. 

Billy Yes, but that’s not exactly a comfort that could make me cheer.  But when Semjase says that I should say what happened in the Maiwinkel, then so be it, but that won’t be a joy for certain people who at that time had the military airport in Dübendorf … well, it doesn’t matter, then just what was then. One day an elderly man, whose name I will not mention in any case, no matter what, appeared to me and he declared that he and his colleague, a pilot of a squadron of the Swiss Air Force in Dübendorf, were convinced that I was really in contact with you Pleiars.  

They would both know several of my photos and would like to take some of their own, so he wanted to ask if I could arrange this. Of course I told him that I could not determine that, and whether Semjase would even consider it, which is very questionable, but I could still ask.  So I did, and after a period of reflection she explained that this would be possible if I could judge the man as having integrity, which I did, because I could verify that he was telling the truth by looking at his identity card and various supporting documents.  

So I telephoned him and explained that Semjase agreed.   The man came back to me after my phone call, whereby he then also came out with the request and the question what he and his colleague really wanted, namely first of all, whether a certain day and a certain time as well as an exact place for it could be determined, because he and his colleague had something in mind that could be a proof for me.  When he told me what he and his colleague had in mind to do, I was left with no more spit.  But then, when I was sure that the man – and of course his colleague as well – was serious about what he was trying to do, I asked Semjase if she would go along with it.  She asked for three days to think it over, after which she said yes to the whole thing, and then it went ahead.  

And that was when the man – his name was … … by the way, he was 53 years old and appeared in his uniform while taking the photos – and I were able to take the photos in the Maiwinkel.  Unfortunately, the 8mm film I made and the whole slide film disappeared without a trace at my home, as did many other things, so today there is only one photo left, in which the beam ship of Semjase and the plane of the Swiss Air Force are shown together.  

As for the photos that the man took and what he and his colleague did with them, I don’t know.  Only once did I hear from them, about 14 days later, when the man telephoned me and explained that all his photographs had been well done and that he would keep them safe.   Until about the middle of this year 2020, I heard nothing more from these two, just from the man and his colleague, the pilot, until one day Michael V. said that he had been with Erwin Mürner and that the latter had told him that the pilot who at that time was flying his fighter plane around the beam ship of Semjase in Maiwinkel had been with Erwin and had confirmed the matter to him.  

Erwin had secretly recorded the conversation with a tape recorder after he had located the pilot who was flying the fighter plane at that time.  Although I was recently able to listen to a part of his statement when Michael received a copy of the corresponding recording from Erwin, the sound quality was very poor, so that hardly anything could be properly understood.  Whether Michael will then receive further sound material, and whether Erwin will publish anything at all, is just as questionable as how long he will still be alive – I mean, he is already 88 years old. 

Ptaah Remarkable For an earthman,  But as far as your explanation is concerned, you didn’t really say what I want to know, because, as you sometimes say on certain occasions, you talked around the porridge of what is really important.  And that, my friend, I know from our conversations when you do not want to talk about something, as you apparently do now, although I do not know why, because you speak only vaguely of the concept, but not of the circumstantial, which then came to fruition. 

Billy Well, you’re right, but it’s always the silence that I have to keep, and when I’m no longer bound by it because for some reason it no longer has to be kept, then the inhibition comes automatically, and so I just talk around the porridge.  

But well, the thing was this:  The two of them, Mr. …, and the pilot agreed with each other, as I was told, in accordance with a prearranged flight plan for a training flight which the pilot had to carry out, in which he would deviate from his actual flight area for a short time and would turn up at the appointed time in the Maiwinkel.  

Semjase was then to appear there with her jet ship at the exact same time, and the pilot would then conduct a sham hunt with his fighter jet for a maximum of two minutes, only to mislead possible observers that an effective pursuit of a UFO was taking place.  Furthermore, said Mr. …, the whole thing, contrary to the exercise plan, would be carried out absolutely unofficially and would not be officially recorded.  What he also stipulated, however, was that the exact effective date and time of the whole thing should not be given if I were to publish my photos, because that would be dangerous for him and the pilot.  

So he gave the date of 14.4.1976, which I should mention as the date my photos were taken, because this would not cause any problems for him and his colleague. When I reported everything about Mr. … Semjase’s request, she somehow enjoyed it and agreed to explore the place in Maiwinkel from where he and I were to take the film and photo shots.  

In addition, she said that I should explain to him, which I did, of course, that he and his colleague could not be worried that their beam ship could not be observed by the population, because for our cameras, for us and for the pilot it would only open up a viewing wedge, as she often did, so that the beam ship and at the same time everything around it could be seen, filmed and photographed completely normally, but outside these two viewing wedges the beam ship was not visible.

Semjase, as I said before, had already produced this on other occasions.  So the whole thing went off without a hitch. However, after later clarifications by Semjase, it turned out that in the whole Maiwinkel area the whole roar of the fighter plane was apparently only considered <normal>, as a training flight of the Swiss Air Force, which nobody really cared about, because such exercises were common in all areas at that time.  Mr … was then very eager and took his photos like crazy, while I ran my film camera and made the slides with my little Olympus.  That’s the whole story of what to say about the Maiwinkel shots, my friend. 

Ptaah How do you sometimes say that in some ways you look up your father and your mother on the one hand, and I think my daughter looks up her grandfather on the other.   

Billy Even, you are a little different, but that’s just the way it is, and we say “to each his own”.  But do you still have anymore questions ?   

Ptaah No, because what I wanted to have explained from my father’s notes was detailed enough.  If something else comes up, I will ask for it again.  But now, Eduard, my friend, I still have some things that we have to talk about together, but which are not meant to be called up and written down by you, because the following … 

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