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Sunday, November 15, 2020, 9:21 p.m.

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Billy Then, since we’re back now, we can talk a little bit more, if it’s okay with you, because it would be important because of …

Ptaah Of course, if you’re not too tired, because …

Billy Please, don’t talk about it – nobody has to know. What I still have is that 3 days ago you said that you forgot to say some things after all in your remarks regarding the Corona plague. Therefore I think, although about these concerns no more is to be talked, it would be perhaps nevertheless still necessary that you should still disclose what you have omitted to say or have forgotten? Furthermore, I think that further open information is necessary, because as I have noticed again and again since the beginning of the epidemic, the world’s population is being taken for fools by the governments, etc., whereby Switzerland in particular is in the forefront with the concealment of information and non-perception of urgently required measures with regard to precautionary and behavioral as well as preventive measures against the spread of the epidemic. In this regard, the inability of those responsible for the safety and health of the people in the state leadership is frighteningly evident, as is the fact that effective facts of incidents are simply concealed from the people and they are left groping in the dark. This on the one hand, on the other hand incidents, which arise provably, are proclaimed first, in order to minimize them then shortly thereafter or even to dementieren and in such a way to represent, as if they, evenly the responsible persons of each kind, a deception or so succumbed.

Ptaah If you think? But what you say, that also corresponds to my findings, whereas I see the whole of the behavior in this regard, as it is handled, as irresponsibility.

Billy Yes, I think so too, and moreover I was thinking that maybe it would be good if we didn’t stifle this topic for good, because it can be possible that every now and then something of enormous importance can come up, like on questions from FIGU members or foreign readers from our website, for which I then have to give information. In addition it can be then also that I must inquire with you. And concerning questions I often have such from all over the world. However, I think that talking about this subject should be only in case of special importance.

Ptaah I did not think about that and therefore I did not consider this side. However, when I hear your reasoning, it seems to me that it is a good reason for us to talk about this subject in our conversations when there is such and such a need.

Billy Thank you, that’s good, but it should remain that effectively only important things come up. Then you could now clarify what you wanted to say days ago. After that, I still have something to say about health.

Ptaah Well, then I want to start with that and also say that if medical terms are necessary to mention, I will use the earthly terms for that. Besides, I will repeat some things several times to make it reminiscent and to keep it in the memory for those who then read our conversation and learn from it, when you have called it up and written it down, after which it is to be put on your FIGU web page. I also want to start by pointing out again – as I have done several times over the last few months – that viruses are not life forms.

1) Viruses do not have their own metabolism and consequently cannot reproduce themselves. As organic structures they abuse therefore parasite-like for their reproduction a suitable host organism with just as suitable host cells, about which I will explain still more details later.

2) If we Plejaren in Europe, as also in all other earthly states, observe, which measures are undertaken by the state leaders against the Corona epidemic and/or for its containment, then these correspond altogether to no more than alibi exercises and miserable attempts, simply to do something, in order to maintain the appearance that the duty is fulfilled to protect the population, which is however neither correct nor responsible. This, while besides the various state, office and authority responsible persons in many population areas belong to those groupings, which deny or play down the epidemic by know-it-all attitude, conspiracy theories, error and querulousness etc.. Thus it comes however also generally observed to the fact that in all states on the one hand too little, on the other hand also circumferentially not the necessary and correct one is done, in order to work against the epidemic. You have already spoken several times about the Bavarian Prime Minister Söder, who is in fact the man in Germany and even Europe-wide, who has intellect, reason and intellect to such an extent that he assesses the situation correctly and acts as correctly and comprehensively as possible. But the fact that even he cannot do everything in the necessary radical way, which would be inevitable, is prevented by forces in his government, which intervene just as penetratingly against the necessary measures.

3) If one observes the forces which, in the state leaders, offices and authorities, imploringly emphasize the economy, as is the case everywhere in all industrialized countries, which are also joined by unreasonable other forces of other states, then it can be seen that the whole thing is getting more out of hand every day. The leaders of all states, which is also true for Switzerland, orientate themselves in their inability to judge the situation and measures according to the wishes of the economic giants, who are only interested in their profit. The state leaders, offices and authorities align themselves in their leadership inability concerning health and security of the peoples criminally in such a way that the Corona epidemic cannot be brought inevitably into the coming century under control and will demand millions of dead. This results so in all states of Europe equally and without exception, as also in various other states, whereby however particularly the United States of America leads world-wide the leading role of all unreasonableness and government incapacity. This by the guilt of the incompetent state leaders, which will demand however not only masses of Corona deaths, but will cause also political unrests.

Billy Yes, this has been happening ever since that presidential moron, Tramp Trump, loud-mouthedly downplayed the Corona plague, whereby in the U.S. alone, as a result of his imbecility, some 400,000 people will soon die from the Corona virus. And if I now go and point out with open words, which façon this in his character degenerated clumsy Trump corresponds to, then I do not attack him as a human being, but effectively only his character degenerations, behaviors, dirty vulgarities, his character dirt and his equally dirty inadequacies regarding his contempt in relation to the profound dishonorableness and undignifiedness, which he cherishes and also openly puts on the day and lives out. This fact, however, is apparently not recognized by the entire U.S. Congress, nor by all other government officials, as well as by the ever self-praising <great> psychologists who make themselves important with their nonsensical <psychological analyses> and endlessly publicity-hungry and insult all who point out their false psychological assessments.

Back to Trump, in whom not only his entire character traits correspond to a state of catastrophe, but also his general sleazy behavior, acting, lying, cheating, his craving for recognition and making himself important as well as putting himself in the foreground.

From an emotional intelligence resp. from an ability on the basis of healthy logical thoughts and from it resulting valuable feelings is to be recognized with him purely nothing, consequently he is also not able to interact successfully with his fellow men.

The emotional intelligentsia missing in Trampel-Trump is already inherited and innate in him, but has been extended to degeneracy by himself through his personal miseducation and training, whereby all competencies in the interpersonal area have resulted in the perfection of a complete disregard for all respect, honor and dignity of fellow human beings. And moreover, the desire for only one’s own profit degenerated in every respect, as well as the boundless desire for power, the need for recognition, self-importance, personal well-being and the compulsion to fulfill one’s own purposes and goals.

An empathy and an ability to gain knowledge about the inner life of other people is absolutely impossible for him. He also does not understand how to use other people’s abilities honestly, worthily and effectively for his own as well as for fellow human beings – let alone for a whole nation – good and valuable purposes and goals. And he is incapable of doing this because his lack of emotional intelligence causes him to drift constantly into ever new attempts at manipulation, which is proven by the fact alone that he is so erratic in his orders, opinions and behavior that he revokes them shortly after they are issued, amends them or replaces them with new decrees. He possesses a dissolute emotional intelligentsia (note: intelligentsia is the correct term for what is erroneously called intelligence), which has no ability whatsoever to create anything of human value, which fellow human beings who think clearly and are capable of judging a matter could perceive as valuable. Therefore, he also cannot create any true friendships for himself, but only apostles who surround him in order to gain benefit through him. He is not able in any way to create an honest friend or colleague standing by him, just as he is not able to put himself in the position of a counterpart, not even with regard to his own family members. He is not able to understand or accept other people’s point of view as a self-important man of power, consequently he cannot use them for himself in order to find a solution or a way in any matter or situation, etc., which would equally benefit and satisfy himself, all parties involved or the whole people in general. The lack of emotional intelligence in Trampel-Tramp-Trump also makes it impossible for him to achieve his own goals and needs in an honest way, as he also cannot put himself mentally-emotionally into a counterpart or into a fellow human being and therefore cannot achieve something better and easier in this way. Basically, he also does not know how to enforce, achieve or actually put in order something with decency, dignity and honesty in a natural way and without any devious manipulation, because he is able to manage everything from the ground up only by intrigues, falsehood, lies, deceit and abuse.

Effectively, this madman is a criminal who is the seed of evil, spreading his seeds of ruin all over the United States of America. And to this conscienceless, uneducated and power-addicted self-important macho, who brings sheer mischief and evil ruin upon all American humanity, hangs a million comprehensive masses of idiots and imbeciles on his depraved lips of lies and deceit, dripping with lust for power. These people, who are not only misled by Trampel-Tramp-Trump, but as a result of their own stupidity and stupidity as well as lack of education are just as unthinking believers in him as they are with regard to their imaginary God-Creator, worship this man equally as they do their God imagined by them. In their delusional belief in this malicious, completely lying and indoctrinating president, they are in such bondage to him that he, as a deceiver of the people and destroyer of the state order of America, undertakes everything to bring about the downfall and destruction of all order. In addition, he even violates the constitution in such a way that the whole thing is already to be considered anti-state, against which, however, criminally neither the executive, nor the legislative, nor the judiciary of the U.S. government does anything, because these are quite obviously also useless in the U.S. and are excessively more appearance than reality.

The tramp-tramp-Trump-supporters themselves, who are not only hanging on his lips but also on his butt, are obviously incapable of thinking, consequently they listen to this inciter of the people, lawbreaker and his endless work of lies stupidly, stupidly, unthinkingly and intelligentumlos obediently follow, whereby he can hypnotically indoctrinate this mass of his morbidly stupid and brainless followers, until they roar and howl as a vicious mob and finally bring everything crashing to destruction.

At present, a pathologically stupid and idiotic, intelligentumless pro-tramp-tramp-tramp-tramp fanatic mass moron movement is already emerging among the US population resp. among a large part of zealous and slavering Trump apostles. In their stupidly stupid Trump-obedience it results with these crazy zealots from their trample- deity resp. from their cult-sanctuary seized Trump-delusion-believers that they blindly and thoughtlessly do everything according to his will and seek to put out of force and destroy the US-state-order just as they deceive themselves and make themselves incapable to recognize the real reality and its truth. The whole mass of the stupid-mad tramp-Trump-fanatics is so zealot delusional-crazy, completely unteachable, dangerous, destruction-mad as well as murder-minded and killing-addicted, like the biblical grandson of Aaron, Pinchas ben Eleasar, who in his God-belief-madness and God-worship-zealotry with the spear in the hand for his God imagined by him zealotted and killed people.

As the Zealot Pinchas was zealous for his delusional god and worshipped him, so do the clumsy Trump apostles, because they organize a downright worshipping and glorifying of the dumb, uneducated as well as conscienceless, uncultured, misanthropic and power-obsessed US president. And that the latter’s indoctrinating lies and claims of deceit are being rejected by all his extreme supporters – who are also religiously devout believers and live under the delusion that they are devoted to peace, love and freedom – are believed without hesitation, stirs up hatred in them against all those who recognize the rotten nature of Trump and steer against him. And this hatred leads to naked strife and to antagonistic attacks against the state order and its security forces, which is driven dangerously higher and higher by the lies and election fraud claims of the power-hungry good-for-nothing Tramp Trump. This, until his him worshippers and Intelligentumlosen go completely crazy and crazy, fall to the terror and cause mischief. And if then the mob stirred up by the god Trampel-Trump runs amok and his godliness threatens to take damage personally, then he crawls away in cowardly fear, takes off his dirty gloves and plays the innocent, as it is known since time immemorial with such miserable figures, and which in the end often still kill themselves to escape a punishment in boundless cowardice. Just think of the criminal of humanity Adolf Hitler, who let himself be shot because he could not do it himself, as well as the sex criminal Jeffrey Epstein, who committed suicide in prison etc.

It is a fact since time immemorial that such slimy creatures of character dare to present themselves as honest, good, just and caring, as well as righteous, loving, liberal, peaceful and philanthropic, against all reality and truth. In the end, however, when their light goes out, they let their apostles, who believe in them and are misled, fall like hot potatoes, because they have done their duty as fools. Then they distance themselves from them in short, insult them and make themselves cowardly from the dust. However, the incapable of thinking and thus stupidly stupid incited, possessed and from pathological imbecility fanaticism afflicted people do not become aware of all this, consequently they gather together to a malicious mob which makes them madly howling hate figures and drives them to street demonstrations and destructions. What then results from it, that proves the rule since time immemorial, namely that the whole thing leads to evil degenerations, acts of violence, destructions and under circumstances to deaths, which will be effectively also with the Trump supporters only a question of time, as Sfath and … well … it’s not good to talk about it anymore, it would be out into the world, after all. But the fact is, and I still want to say this, that not only US-America will fall into a huge crisis in two months through the fault of the imbecile and power-greedy idiot-president trample, because also other states will have to mourn big problems and many thousands of corona-deaths as a result of the incompetence of their rulers as well as of the stupidly stupid part of the people, which is deprived of any intelligence, understanding and reason.

Already in the 1940s I dreaded the present time, and what will arise now henceforth inexorably. The earthlingness becomes nevertheless not cleverer, because on the one hand no warnings are listened to, consequently on the other hand stubbornly and open-eyed is run faster and faster towards a future full of catastrophes. This because by the uncontrolled increase of the overpopulation of the earthlings as well as their more and more catastrophic indifference, self-importance and unconcern towards everything and everybody lets them run in their stupidity into their own created ruin and this drives them more and more quickly inevitably to the coming misery and evil. And this faster becoming of the inevitable disaster – which will be inevitable if mankind does not rethink and does not become reasonable – results from the further growth of the overpopulation running out of all rudders. This because all evil, all degenerations and problems of every kind, all destructions and annihilations at the planet, at all eco-systems, the nature and its fauna and flora as well as the atmosphere and the climate increase with every newly born earthling and harass everything in such a way that a total planetary collapse of all systems occurs which should guarantee the life, however, are maltreated in such a way that everything collapses without salvation. And that, which results finally effective from it, that … but no, I shall not talk about that.

You see, my friend, it is always the same: When you get into the heat of the moment, then too quickly a word is said that should basically be kept quiet, because it would do more harm than good. But I can say this: All around the world, countries and peoples are governed by incompetent power-obsessed people, where the few rational co-governors have no chance to put forward their logical objections against nonsense, which is being raised by the majority of the rulers. We experience this also here in Switzerland, since e.g. the good work of the Minister of Finance was again made <to the sow> and the coal was senselessly blown, which he saved together, with which the national debt mountain could have been reduced around some. And now comes the nonsense, as in many other countries, because countless millions and billions of state money are thrown out irresponsibly as aid monies to companies, corporations and organizations, etc., so that they can continue, and now with tax money at the expense of the taxpayers, debt-making muddling along. And that then for it the working taxpayers are taken more and more and higher taxes, that the peoples do not understand obviously just as also not that then also their descendants and again their descendants etc. over many decades and still longer with tax payments the debts must repay. This, while the autocratic rulers, who draw horrendous salaries and later lifelong pensions with tax money, without asking the people, whether the whole thing with the money squandering is at all in the people’s sense and whether they are allowed to do that at all.

Now I have deviated again from the actual topic, because I still wanted to say that not only in the USA, but also in Brazil their state boss Bolsonaro is in every respect an incompetent mad, power-hungry idiot, who also challenges the worst possible for the people, which will cost, as in the USA, several hundreds of thousands of lives. If I remember correctly, as I said, in the next 3 months the US will face official Corona death tolls of about 400,000, Brazil over 210,000 and India 160,000.

The US states will officially be in the front line, this in addition to the dark figure. But also our small Switzerland will have to lament in the same time a number of about 9,,000 Corona death victims, as also all EU dictatorship states will have to be mentioned in 3 months with officially high numbers of Corona deaths, as for example Spain with about 55,000, Italy 83 000, France 70,000, England with over 85,000 and Germany around 55,000, during the same time then worldwide alone officially far over 2 million deaths will be registered. Those are the approximate numbers, if I remember correctly, although those will really only be based on official figures, because the total number of unreported cases will be much higher. China also continues to be afflicted by the disease, causing many deaths, although everything is kept quiet and it is claimed that the disease has been eradicated. However, this lie cannot last long, because already in January next year it will be partially exposed.

Well, what will be further the case besides all said, that refers to the fact that u.U. the freedom of the people in relation to the self-determination of the vaccinationwollen or not should be limited and they should be forced to the vaccination. Ultimately, the whole thing could then, should it come to that, lead to the fact that the vaccinated would be endowed with more rights and the unvaccinated would still be marked – Hitler and all consorts of the Nazis would then send their regards, as at that time when the Jewish believers were discriminated against with a yellow Jewish star on their chest and sent to the gas chambers. Fact is in this connection that the race hatred at that time was not such, but a religion hatred, because on the earth only 1 human race exists and not their 2 what is obviously still not understood by the scientists. And to it I think that such a thought is absolutely not absurd if one considers the God-believing way of thinking of the scientists. And what then results from it, that can be expected just as <joyfully>, as also that NATO and WHO as well as China and others will vehemently deny that the Corona virus as a result of an American’s evil hatred against the USA was secretly tinkered with and concocted in Chinese laboratories already in the 1970s and that this has developed through thousands of mutations – which go even further and are already approaching and even more attacking – into the Covid19 of today. Particularly the WHO will make itself important in the new year, in order to want to find out the origin of the Corona plague, in order to invent then a Sachschauer-mähr and to spread claiming that the plague origin was found out. First, however, China will block origin investigations and will not allow the WHO into the country, because it will be feared that certain concealments concerning Corona sufferers could be uncovered. The effective fact, however, will never be fathomed, as no one wants to know the truth about it either, because with it the USA will have another tolggen in their otherwise already contaminated clean book, because of the err…

Ptaah To it you should say nothing, except you would not write it down with the call of our conversation and just omit. But what you said, I have nothing further to explain about that, however I have one question regarding Pinchas ben Eleazar – who and what was this man? I don’t know anything about this man.

Billy He was a bible figure, as I already said resp. the grandson of Aaron, who was next to Moses one of the central figures during the exodus from Egypt. Of course, his and Moses and the story of the Exodus from Egypt cannot be taken at face value, as well as especially not the fairy tale that the Red Sea was parted by Moses’ call for God’s help and the fleeing Hebrew people could escape dry-footed through the sea. The whole thing really corresponds only to a biblical fairy tale, because in truth the Hebrew people fled on a solid strip of land of the marshy area between the Mediterranean and the Red Sea, with the Herodian army then sinking in pursuit of the refugees.

Now, as for Pinchas ben Eleazar, he was, as I said, a grandson of Aaron, consequently he belonged to the tribe of Levi and thus to the legitimate line of Israelite high priests, the Aaronids. Pinchas had nothing to do with Pinchas, the son of Eli the priest, as he is called in the Tanach or in the Bible and was also the father of a son named Hofni. There is a biblical account of Pinchas the Zealot.

Pinchas was a murderer who killed an Israelite named Zimri and his Midianite girlfriend Kosbi when he caught them having sex, allegedly committing the murder to appease God’s or YHWH’s wrath because the sex act was allegedly akin to idolatry. According to the biblical account, the Israelites in Moab are said to have indulged in such idolatrous sex acts, namely by practicing interreligious marriages and a syncretism, respectively marital and faith mixtures between different philosophical views, denominations or religions. All this is said to have corresponded to a breaking of the First Commandment and thus to an apostasy from God resp. YHWH, which was worthy of death according to the Israelite law of faith. So already at that time in the monotheistic Abrahamic religion of the Jews resp. in Judaism, the religion, traditions and way of life, the philosophy and in the cultures of the Jews as well as on the other hand in the totality of the Jews the killing as punishment was just as common as in any other religion, sect or other religious community of any kind. Especially Christianity, which already started with an attempt of murder when the Romans crucified Jmmanuel and he allegedly died – if the mendacious Bible book presentation would be believed, but which corresponds to a fraud, because Jmmanuel, alias Jesus, did not die on the cross, but was only erroneously declared dead, but then, when he awoke again in the burial cave, was able to escape with the help of his disciples to Srinagar, where he died at the age of 111.

And just, concerning Christianity, so this effectively evil has spread in the alleged name and after the will and protection as well as the love of a murderous God and faith in this imaginary fantasy figure finally over the whole earth. Thereby the Christianity, and by its God delusion in the people, has raged viciously and like no other religion murders, war, robbery knightdom and rape by crusades, terror, conquests, witch massacres, murderous robberies, sex orgy murders, faith ritual murders, as well as homo sexual murders, murders of illegitimate nun babies in women monasteries as well as also murders of people of other faiths etc. as the chronicles prove since time immemorial – Adolf Hitler and his murderous Nazi henchmen give a special greeting in this respect with their Holocaust. Then, in a similar way, the religion Islam has to be mentioned, where bestial murders, as well as torture and manslaughter, war and terror as allegedly divinely ordered commandments and punishments etc. spread endless suffering and misery in the world until today. This is in addition to the fact that these two religions are in the first place those whose believers bring the most descendants into the world and thus endlessly drive the overpopulation up. And by the constantly rising mass of mankind more and more exuberant needs, desires and longings for luxury and a high standard of living arise from this, which can be procured altogether only by destructive machinations. And these machinations mean that through these the planet is unconscionably exploited and destroyed inside and outside, as well as nature and its entire fauna and flora, all ecosystems and the atmosphere and climate.

But as usual, I deviate again from the topic, because your question leads to the answer still a little further, namely concerning the Synkretismus of the old Israeliten, because these began with a fornication, namely during a stay in the area at that time with Schittim in the Jordan valley, close with Jericho where the Moabiter were resident, one of the peoples, which was resident before Israel in Kanaan. The thing was then that the women animated the men to worship their gods and also to sacrifice to them, and in particular to the Canaan fertility god Baal-Peor, just by engaging in whore sex. This is said to have displeased God, i.e. YHWH, and to have enraged him and led him to demand the execution of all religious leaders, which was then also done. This then caused mourning, and when the congregation of Israel gathered before the tabernacle, an Israelite dared, a <Simeonite>, that is, a member of an Israelite tribe, to bring his girlfriend, a foreign Midianite woman, causing the zeal and anger of Pinchas to run high. And when the man went home with his girlfriend, Pinchas followed them to their house, where he caught them in the act of sex and killed them both with his spear, for which he was praised because he ended the plague that threatened to destroy all Israel. As a reward, Pinchas, as the grandson of the chief priest, received God’s promise that because he had labored for his God and made atonement for the children of Israel, he and his descendants would be granted the eternal priesthood.

If this history, which I cannot trust as a realist over the way, because alone already the whole with the story of the alleged God and his interference nothing else than a conscious lie corresponds, because there is in no way a God in the sense of any religion, sect or other same or similar faith, but everything is in faith-wise regard only lie and fraud, then probably also the represented history is to be questioned at least in its expiry. As I see the whole thing and judge, is behind it on the one hand a morbidly stupid as well as criminal God-belief mania and the purpose to champion this and to keep others in relation to this mania in the pole, on the other hand founded in it also an indoctrinating request to believe in a certain vengeful God, who punishes and condemns, if not that is done what someone – in this case probably a priest – pretends and demands and therefore lies that just God demands it. So this is exactly the way it is hammered into all God-believers of every religion and sect with threats and therefore they are too cowardly to put aside their erroneous belief in their own favor and to use even their intellect, their consciousness, their understanding and their reason as well as their own thinking and superiority. This, moreover, in complete freedom from the fear of faith and the punishment of God, in order to think about, to consider and to decide something logically by themselves and then also to act completely free and according to their own discretion.

That is on the one hand what I recognize in this way in the purpose of the history, while on the other hand in the whole without any doubt an extremely massive religion hatred is, by which every abuse, discrimination, persecution, harassment, torture, robbery, massacre and murder of other believers is justified. For this reason, in this story, Pinchas is praised for his murder of Zimri and of his Midianite girlfriend Kosbi, and his murderous deed is presented as a model of a benevolent <zeal> for the true God. If his murder and his murderous behavior regarding the zeal for an imaginary God is considered and dissected exactly and realistically as well as psychologically, then it becomes completely clear that this was only the prelude for attacking a neighboring people some time afterwards and exterminating them by a genocide. And for this, Pinchas was endowed by God, by YHWH, as well as the priestly family descended from him, with divine blessings on <eternal>. This is the story of Pinchas ben Eleazar, the Zealot.

But what will happen now in the coming months with regard to the Corona plague will unfortunately be extremely unpleasant and will cost a great many lives. Even if some action is taken, on the one hand it will only be half the right thing, on the other hand it will only be half enough, because wrong action will be taken. And this happens also with the fact that the governing squander masses of money, in order to save companies, companies and organizations an insolvency, which go then nevertheless bankrupt. And all this nonsense is carried out, because the rulers are incapable of their places and make everything worse and worse. And they do this also with airlines and travel companies, to which they foist masses of money, without considering that the air tourism and other travel tourism should be completely stopped, on the one hand, to stop further disease spreading in this way, on the other hand, however, also so that the atmosphere, the climate, nature and its fauna and flora as well as all eco-systems in general would be much less polluted with destructive greenhouse gases and the climate would be less devastated. But those in power are not that smart to recognize and implement this necessity, just as a large part of the peoples would not be smart enough to accept and implement this if it were ordered. Stupidity and stupidity know no limits, consequently both the majority of the rulers and a large part of the peoples are afflicted with it, whereby not only the Corona plague can now strike properly and claim tens of thousands of human lives, but also the overpopulation can grow tremendously and by its machinations drive the planet, all ecosystems, nature and its fauna and flora as well as the atmosphere and the climate into total extinction. Much rather the stupid rulers and large parts of the populations let themselves be beguiled by a brat like Greta <Dummberg> and her demonstrating followers, who are completely ignorant concerning the reality, and therefore the rulers waste millions for nonsensical things and invent new taxes to fleece the taxpayers. This, while the overpopulation grows endlessly and through this everything is further destroyed and annihilated, as also many life forms are exterminated species by species. This, because it does not want to be recognized that it is not simply the CO2 and the like, through which everything is destroyed, as the small Dummberg and consorts want to make clear to the world population and are still honored and lifted up into the sky for this stupidity and their ignorance about the real reality and its truth.

Ptaah This all results unfortunately in such a way, as you say, and it leads to it, because not extensively the right is recognized and not that is done, but wrongly is acted, both by the state leaders, and by a part of stupid Querulierender from all classes of the population. Those, who want to do the right thing, are pressed down and these – as you once said in such a context – fight against windmills, by which you probably meant that they fight uselessly against the wind, which cannot be stopped and …

Billy Excuse me if I interrupt you, because what you assume is not correct. The comparison and the speech phrase of <fighting against windmills> can in principle already be interpreted according to your assumption, but the whole thing leads back to a novel that has neither hand nor foot. It was, if I remember after so long time still correctly the description, which I read x-years ago once, then a Miguel de …, eh, what was his name, something like Cervelate, Cervate or so, translated a Spanish-language novel with the title <Don Quixote> thus with ix, which is written however also as Quichotte and even Icho, and Quijote as well as with ijo. The novel is about a sensible squire, a landed nobleman named Don Quixote of La Mancha, who is also the protagonist or main character of the story. The novel consists of 2 parts, but they were written in different years between 1600 and 1620, if I am not mistaken.

Don Quixote, as a character in the novel, was a proud knight who believed that fate had chosen him to have bold adventures, one after the other. As a noble knight, he had a rickety horse named Rosinante, and among other things, he fought against windmills. As a noble knight, he was of course not alone, as was actually the case among nobles at that time, but he had a squire named Sancho Panza with him, who rode faithfully at his side, but who was only seemingly naive and always tried to save his knight from bad mischief. His adventures usually ended with Don Quixote getting beaten up and consequently emerging from his adventures with little glory and appearing precisely as a <knight of the sad shape>. Hence, therefore, the idiom.

Ptaah So it is a novel story, but I do not know it. Thanks for your explanation. However, then I want to get back to my topic now.

Billy Can I get to something that’s going through my mind before I forget it? That is unfortunately sometimes so, because again and again it happens that questions or so slip away from me, if I … well, that’s just the way it is.

Ptaah Of course, go ahead and talk.

Billy It concerns the vaccinations against the Corona virus, which are to be carried out next month in various states, as I remember from the time with Sfath, but as you also said the other day. Normally it is the case that developments for such vaccination products take 10 to 15 years, whereby extensive tests are also carried out and good positives must result from them. This is before they are approved as good and correct by a medical committee.

But what should be done now regarding the upcoming untested vaccination, you said yourself that this is negligent and irresponsible. It seems to me that these very early vaccinations, which according to you are to be carried out from December onwards, can only come about by skipping all the tests and examinations and disregarding all medical ethical forms.

The fear and panic of the people will be conscienceless exploited, which inevitably results from the propagation of <preventive> vaccinations, what I must declare however in such a relativizing way, by saying, <that it could be just this kind>, because as you know, one would not be afraid to drag me before the Kadi because of business and product damage. Consequently, I say that it is up to all who read our conversation what they want to do and what they don’t want to do, how and to what they decide or not, because I can neither say with respect to the whole what effectively corresponds to what is true in one or the other mentioned in which way, because I don’t know the corresponding circumstances and results, consequently I can’t even give or give an advice. So it must be every human being’s own decision to what extent everybody deals with the fear and panic and acts. And this fear and panic are further promoted with the prospect of early vaccinations and people are more willing to be vaccinated, which guarantees the vaccine product manufacturers that they can still make up for the omitted tests by large-scale vaccinations in this way and still make them. This is done in such a way that whole parts of the population are abused as guinea pigs, without their knowledge that they have to serve as test figures, whereby they are not informed about the fact that they can suffer severe late effects with regard to health damages already after the vaccinations and after a recovery already after 2 or 3 months and possibly have to struggle with it for the rest of their lives. This on the one hand, while on the other hand by these forthcoming actions also influences on the virus arise and this can lead to a new transformation, as you clearly said. And this in addition to what we talked about the other day, that – since now the plague is in full swing and moreover since July a new dangerous mutation is on the way, but if I remember correctly what Sfath and I observed at that time – it was the month of December that was talked about when the new species was discovered.Therefore, if I am not mistaken, then next month will come up some more unpleasant. This also in the relation that in the governments of various states will appear idiots who will strive for a separation of vaccinated and unvaccinated. What we also observed were evil consequences of moral nature, because the vaccination brought up in the idiots in governments not only this separation nonsense, but also hatred arose among vaccinated and unvaccinated in parts of the populations. The reason was that parts of the vaccinated became sense, the unvaccinated would be to blame for masses of further infections, while conversely parts of the unvaccinated became hateful against the vaccinated as a result of favoritism. I also remember that in the governments, authorities and also in parts of the population voices were raised that compulsory vaccinations should be carried out, but what became of it, Sfath and I could not observe. But it was not yet enough, because it resulted in still other very large unpleasantnesses, like more murder and manslaughter than otherwise, and also in families, in which argument, violence and Ausbunde at incivilities among the earthlings increased by some, apart from the fact that up to end of the year 2020 officially approximately 82 million humans were attacked by the epidemic, however also against 2 million dead were to be deplored. The epidemic caused strong ups and downs, respectively the contagion and death numbers spilled up and down and then accumulated in millions. The reason for this was that, in the first place, all those responsible in the governments failed, because, due to their inability to lead, they did not order and carry out all the necessary and required measures, by which the pandemic could have been contained and even prevented, and could have become at most a mild epidemic. The government agencies responsible for epidemics, as well as many virologists and other experts, etc., also failed to understand and grasp the effective situation, and consequently did not intervene as they should have. On the contrary, the authorities and the virologists, etc. disregarded all their colleagues, collaborators and others who tried to do everything right, to take the necessary measures, to enforce them and thus to nip the whole malignant disease in the bud. But then there were also the cross-stupid, the simple-minded, the bean-straw stupid and the querulous, the know-it-all as well as the stupid conspiracy theorists and ricochets, who threw all otherwise already insufficient orders to the wind and carried out mass events by demonstrations, whereby more and more mischief was caused by an uncontrolled spreading of the corona plague and claimed more and more victims.

Well, besides the completely insufficient action against the pandemic, the disease could continue to enjoy its own development and constantly new changes or mutations, as it is happening again now with the new and even more dangerous than before virus variant that started to develop at a rapid pace in July, which will be recognized only in the following month, if I remember correctly. Consequently, another new mutation will take place soon, and accordingly, the 5,000th transformation will soon take place since the beginning and first release of the epidemic in the 1970s.

The vaccination-transformation-procedure of the virus, however, which also now again brings forth a new and more dangerous mutation, which already since July again develops, as also you have determined and what you also mentioned 2 weeks ago, evenly also that this virus will be more aggressive than the previous one, will be – and this already Sfath explained in the 1940s – just as little known to the scientists of the today’s time, as they also know the presently developing mutation walking virus could not really understand. Consequently, he said, as I remember exactly, the virologists etc. would on the one hand deny the whole of the real, as they would on the other hand claim that a once effective remédium, remedy or vaccination, respectively, which is effective against a disease, is not real. A vaccination, which was successful against a pathogen and brought or has brought healing for people, would also prove itself against a new pathogen of a changing or mutating and newly arising pathogen of a similar kind and should guarantee life, but would be maltreated in such a way that everything would collapse without rescue. And that, what finally effectively results from it, that … but no, I’m not supposed to talk about that.

This, however, he explained, was explicitly wrong, because not all such medicines or even remedies and vaccinations etc. would prove to be usable in this way, because depending on the pathogen, there were under certain circumstances enormous differences, as was also the case with the respective new influenza viruses, consequently a further use could be as much of success as of failure and disadvantage or even of complete uselessness or even life-threatening. And such could also result with the untested vaccines, which would be used negligently and irresponsibly still in the year 2020 for inoculations, which could lead under circumstances to heavy late consequences or even to deaths. But what will be through the vaccinations, which will soon be carried out on a large scale as mass vaccinations worldwide with unproven vaccines and under certain circumstances partly criminally with falsified pseudo-substances or placebo sera and thus sham vaccines, from which then of course certain results or good or bad consequences result, about this will be kept silent. The whole of the legal vaccination campaigns – in which in and of itself no or only a few falsified pseudo substances will flow – brings enormous benefit to the vaccine manufacturers, because the fear of the people of the Corona epidemic urges them to vaccinate, whereby they can carry out their tests and trials free of charge and for nothing, while otherwise they would have to pay for it on the one hand the test subjects, who in each case voluntarily make themselves available for tests and do not know which effects they have to expect as <test animals> and thus in each case always take a dangerous health risk.

If the whole of the coming vaccination marathon is considered, which is being worked towards worldwide for months by various companies and corporations with regard to vaccine research, then it results, as I know, that no effective information is passed on to the public by the vaccine-serum-manufacturing companies as well as by the governments and authorities etc. with regard to the actual effects of the vaccinations or vaccines which are carried out on humans. Consequently, I think, various things will be hidden, what we could observe and find out, as well as that some vaccines are as good as placebos and therefore ineffective …

Ptaah There I want to interrupt you. My father has recorded in his notes some of the things that you have observed together, which I want to mention and recall in particular. Just … yes, there I have it, see here, I’ll translate that to you immediately, whereas I’ll leave out this …, yes, I’ll leave that out and as a further point I’ll only implement the following. Father wrote:

4) … Also about this then is probably silent, as also that certain vaccines will not work, because they are only partly or completely useless, or because they could be <smuggled in> criminal pantsch products. Also, when we observed everything, we noticed that nothing was explained about which vaccines developed antibodies in the organism of vaccinated people and which did not create any because they were useless or corresponded to fakes. Eduard was shocked when he realized how unscrupulously people were abused and, moreover, how their helplessness was abused as test subjects for scientific tests of vaccines and for the purpose of making profits.

Eduard, however, was very attentive and listened to my explanations with great concentration, as always, so that he put everything into his memory and will always have it present. He was particularly affected when we observed that various vaccinated persons … became ill for a short or long time due to vaccines, suffered or partly died, which will be so when the time comes. We also observed how, despite vaccination, various people fell ill with the Corona epidemic, others did not become immune and consequently, despite vaccination, carried on the epidemic virus and infected many other people. This, as it also turned out, what we also found out, that in case of people suffering from the virus, despite one or more correctly performed tests, no positive results will be obtained, although they were virus infected and consequently transmitted the epidemic to other people.

I’ve bookmarked this passage to read to you and put into your native language because I feel the need for you to repeat that.

Billy Yes, I see, and I remember very well what Sfath said and explained to me about that. At that time I was just, if I remember correctly, 15 years old, because it was about 1 year before your father left and then Asket came.

Regarding the aforementioned records that you got from Sfath …. well, some I will leave out when I retrieve and write down our conversation.

Ptaah You are not mistaken concerning your age, because father has dated this passage to the earthly year 1952. Now, however, as far as omitting records is concerned, you should not do that, for what has been mentioned corresponds to the facts as they occurred exactly as they did when you observed everything together and as they are occurring now and will undoubtedly continue to occur.

Billy That is probably so, but I am not sure whether I am then viciously attacked, insulted and demonized because of it or not by all those earthlings of governments, virologists, medical doctors, God believers, fear mongers and vaccination believers etc. who believe that the vaccines and vaccinating is the ultimate to contain and end the epidemic. If I bring everything openly in and write down, then one could sue me under circumstances maliciously still and turn me a rope, in order to hang me up, in particular by the companies and companies, which manufacture vaccines, like me in addition, authorities, governments, virologists and physicians on the pellet and maintain that I would deny many the inoculation and would prevent them from it to their damage and death. Therefore, I think it would be very possible for me to be held liable.

Ptaah Neither you nor I said a word about any person doing anything vague or definite in any way, because what we did, said and explained throughout our conversation was nothing more than stating facts. Neither you nor I, recommended any actions nor said anything specific to be done. We just stated existing facts that you and my father stated, nothing more. And those facts are now coming true.

Billy I know that, but the earthlings, they will not understand that the crux of the matter will not lie in these vaccinations alone, but that it is founded in the necessary safety precautions which would have to be carried out, but which are only partly ordered and likewise only partly accepted and carried out by sensible people, while a stupidly stupid and about 1⁄4 part of the population crosses against it. This quarter, however, is sufficient that the epidemic will continue to spread and claim more and more victims, consequently, in about 3 months, we will have to reckon worldwide, officially alone, with more than 100 million infected persons and with far more than 2 million dead. These figures will probably be correct, if I remember correctly.

Concerning all what we have seen and experienced at that time, about it probably just as nothing or only hardly something will be announced, as generally also other factors, which would be necessary information for the populations, like particularly the fact that the vaccines will not be tested in necessarily artful way, but only dissolutely. Therefore, the vaccines can be both good, halfway useful, effectively effective or ineffective. Therefore, then only halfway or no guarantee of protection against the Corona disease can be given, but on the contrary a vaccination may even be partially or severely harmful. Of course, one or another vaccine may be good, effective and useful, but the fact will remain that they will not be sufficiently tested and therefore may be risk products. At least these facts will become known to the populations, as we have noted, but this will be exactly the reason why many will not get vaccinated – precisely for good reason. Therefore, in the coming vaccination campaigns, it will usually only be those who will be vaccinated who are not aware that on the one hand the vaccines have not been sufficiently tested and may not be useful, and on the other hand they themselves will be the vaccine guinea pigs.

And all the non-informing and the fact of the vain-silence-keeping to the public will – according to my opinion – lead to the fact that about 1⁄4 of the populations will rebel stupidly and crosswise against all otherwise already by the governments and authorities half-batzig and not big effective arrangements like lockdowns etc., will demonstrate and cause destruction etc.. However, the rulers themselves are also not blessed with a great intelligentsia, let alone with a reliable mind and shining reason, because they have not yet and will probably not for a long time recognize and do what would be right according to the increasingly precarious Corona situation. As I estimate these people, all their wisdom will be to assume that the Corona problem can be solved and fixed with vaccinations and lockdowns. This, however, is a fallacy that they will experience – but still not understand – when their incompetence has cost many lives, but in their stupidity, precisely as a result of not being able to think, they will understand and learn nothing from it, consequently in the coming months the death toll will go into many tens of thousands.

Ptaah This will be so, because what you two have seen and observed together, and what my father taught you, as also everything what you have experienced together, this corresponds indisputably absolutely exactly to what actually arises in the present time and also so coming and will be, as you have observed and described it. And this will be like that, even if the earthly sciences are not yet knowledgeable about these findings. But they will know it, because as you both have seen everything, so it will become unchangeable. And that, what concerns father’s record, so it will come true, as it will also be so with the tests which will be carried out negligently at the populations coming. But what you said, you should think about it, and that all of this is going to be as he wrote it, you’ve known that since 1952, when you were with my father …

Billy That’s all right, I’ll think it over. Excuse me, if I fall into your word again, but that is actually not what I want to hear, because I know also otherwise what would result, to which I should say however nothing in detail, consequently there is also nothing to talk about it, because too fast something would be said, which nobody should hear and not know. Sfath said that I should keep strictly silent and only release information that would not tell much more than the virologists and all other specialists etc. could find out themselves. If too much would be said, so he explained, then researches and from it results would arise very fast, from which a mass-rich and insane weapon production would result, after which with these weapons certain unpopular humans would be murdered, as also a world-wide planned murder of certain peoples would come about, in order to exterminate these genocide-like, as it happened with Hitler and his Nazi companions with Zyklon B in Auschwitz etc. inhumanly criminal. So, he said, the virologists etc. must not receive any actual deeper information for it, because this Corona virus, which he simply called epidemic virus, effectively contains components in itself, which are very dangerous and cannot be found by virologists without special indications and equipment even with the greatest efforts. He insistently said, and this was well known to me, that sleeping dogs would be awakened if the virology science would get behind the virus secret, so this was to be avoided, consequently no more should be explained for this science than the virologists’ abilities would lead back to their own possible findings. The people of this planet, so he said, are in such a way that they would suddenly switch character and become malicious even with the best senses and goodwill from any for them uncontrollable impulses, because this is omnipresent religiously-belief-conditionally deeply in their character and could surge up any time by any arising thought-feelings, come to the outbreak and cause mischief.

Ptaah We all know that here on earth for the sake of your mission, which is why our directives also do not allow direct contacts with earth people, although certain exceptions were allowed, which both my father Sfath and we had perceived, but which in the meantime has changed due to the entire negative and more and more degenerating change of mind and behavior of the earth people and was forbidden to us. But you mentioned earlier the poison Zyklon B, which was used by the Nazis for the murder of millions of people, which I know well, but have no knowledge of what it is about. Maybe if you could …

Billy You’re asking too much of me, because all I know is that it’s a hydrogen cyanide, and that hydrogen cyanide is deadly to humans and to warm-blooded creatures. But wait a minute, I’m sure you can find something about it here in the computer … Here, look, there is something about it at Wikipedia, even concerning the concentration camps, if you please want to read:

Wikipedia: Use in concentration camps

In the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp, Zyklon B was used from the spring of 1942 onwards to murder camp inmates and new arrivals from the ghettos en masse and on an industrial scale in gas chambers disguised as shower rooms. It is ‘not excluded’ that independently of this, Zyklon B had already been used at Fort VII in Posen at the end of 1939 to kill mentally ill persons in order to test the effect of the poison gas on them.

(see also First Gas Chamber in Posen).

In the fall of 1941, SS Hauptsturmführer Karl Fritzsch had 600 Soviet prisoners of war and 250 sick prisoners gassed with Zyklon B in the cellar of Block 11 of the Auschwitz I main camp. The camp commander Rudolf Höß then decided to use this poison gas exclusively because he considered it ‘more effective’ than engine exhaust and carbon monoxide from gas cylinders. Zyklon B was also used – to a much lesser extent – in the camps KZ Majdanek, KZ Mauthausen, KZ Sachsenhausen, KZ Ravensbrück, KZ Stutthof and KZ Neuengamme to kill people. In most of the extermination camps, engine exhaust was used for this purpose, sometimes pure carbon monoxide.

Zyklon B label from Dachau

Experiments with poisonous gases conducted at the Stara Gradiška concentration camp in Croatia included the use of Zyklon B.

Jean-Claude Pressac researched in detail the use of Zyklon B at the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp from 1979 to 1985. In the process, he determined:

– Zyklon B was needed by the Wehrmacht and in the concentration camps in considerable quantities for disinfestation.

– By far the largest part of the Zyklon B that reached Auschwitz was in fact also used there for the intended purpose of disinfesting vermin, to kill lice as carriers of epidemics.

– However, a small percentage of the Zyklon B supplied was sufficient to carry out the mass murder of human beings: Prussic acid already has an effect on warm-blooded

Even small doses of prussic acid have a lethal effect on warm-blooded creatures (1/22 of the dose for invertebrates). In the trial of the managing director of Degesch, Gerhard Peters, it was established that four kilograms of Zyklon B were sufficient to gasify 1000 people.

Due to wartime shortages, the proportion of the warning and irritant agent in Zyklon B was reduced; as of June 1944, the additive was eliminated altogether. As early as June 1943, there were deliveries of Zyklon B without warning agent to Auschwitz. According to the verdict in the trial against the manager of the company Degesch/HeLi (Heerdt-Lingler), it is considered proven that this special form was used there to kill people.

Ptaah Thanks, this information is enough for me.

Billy Good, then continued. Sfath kept saying that on the one hand I would be publicly called a liar and a charlatan, as well as a fantasist, a swindler and even more evil, as has been the custom since time immemorial by <intelligent-tumbless horndogs> – he really used that expression, I have never forgotten it – and pathologically stupid earthmen, but on the other hand they would also try to get certain important information from me, which … well, you know.

Ptaah Yes, I know. However, I also know that you will never let too much be known and that, in spite of all slander against you, honest earth people will approach you who, through their own efforts, their own investigations, personal experiences and findings and experiences … …

Billy Yes, Yes, that said already Sfath, but nevertheless I am put in the whole world again and again by self-proclaimed antagonists as liars and cheats etc., although these people do not know me and I have never seen them or spoken with them as a rule. I usually owe that to my dear ex and antagonists, whom I didn’t kowtow to and didn’t will them with their views, conceits, stories, ideas, etc.

Ptaah I know that, and theirs were many, with some names known to me of persons who were deviant in character, vindictive and …

Billy Yes, but we should not mention these names, and besides, I know what the effective real truth is, which is why I don’t care about it and don’t do anything about it, because I have no reason to justify myself. I would have to do that only if those who insult and slander me would be right with their accusations and would say the truth and would pester me therefore of the right.

Ptaah Where you are right, there you are right, there is no doubt about it. But now I want to mention something that I wanted to say some time ago, and I want to say and would like to mention once, if you allow it, that you have prudently provided for this time of crisis and the existence of all center concerns and for the well-being of all residents through your foreknowledge. But you also take this precaution for all passive members and for many earth people, who orientate themselves in secret or openly on all that you can publish on the FIGU website through the assistance of the core group members and passive members, who stand by you. And what you just mentioned, what my father Sfath said, he actually recorded that in his annals as well, and also in his audio recordings, which he synchronously electronically recorded of your conversations without your knowledge.

Billy Ah, I didn’t know that, just that Sfath also recorded such conversations etc. in verbal-annal way. But if we are now already with annals, then I have already often stated to it that many earthlings do not know and do not understand, what this term actually means. It is to be understood hardly, but actually I was asked in former times often, why I bring then the <butt> resp. the back extension, the hind part evenly the Podex resp. the buttocks into the discussion. This because <anal> and <anno> refer to the coccyx. So I always had to explain that <anal> has only one <n>, but <anno> is something else than <anal>, but <annale> is a term with double n, and this term has nothing to do with the buttocks, but <annalen> or <annales> etc. does not correspond to the buttocks, but to the Latin <annus>, which does not mean buttocks, but year, as for example in <anno domini>. The word <anno domini>, which means <in the year of the Lord>, consequently <annals>, <annal> or <annaler> or <annalen> etc. is a plural word for chronological records, as for important incidents, events, happenings, conversations and information etc., which are recorded in the course of a year as a rule evenly in writing, which can take place by the new electronic technology quite also with sound recorders.

Ptaah Also in this regard, it requires a certain education and knowledge, which is not necessarily part of the normal school education. But you are evading with what I wanted to say regarding your foreknowledge.

Billy We really don’t have to talk openly about that either, because if it’s necessary once, then I can explain that to someone in private, that’s all it really needs, and what’s important for me is only that Karin tells me … because I don’t like that. However, it would be important if you would allow that you would explain something with regard to your findings and with regard to your own findings and opinion, what I spoke about earlier, namely with regard to the transformation resp. mutation of the Corona virus. As I know from your father Sfath, a large part of all viruses mutates, but he also told me that just the Corona virus will be something special in its kind and will hold something in itself, which is unknown to the earthly scientists and of which they would not even have an idea, let alone that they could even imagine something in this way. But I think that this is probably not surprising if one considers the narrow-mindedness of the <students> with whom only just that is valid what they have learned or on it what is based only on an ingrained hypothesis which does not allow anything else what is unknown to them or they cannot imagine it. Even those virologists, epidemiologists and other specialists, who make a real effort, devote themselves to the matter and do their best to clarify and correct everything and explain the correct and necessary measures for prevention, cannot do anything against it. Exactly these are the ones, however, among all the experts, who are simply disregarded, stomped on, put down and treated like ignorant children or like idiots, consequently their logical conclusions are not taken into consideration and never carried out – or only when immense damage, immeasurable suffering, misery and countless deaths have resulted from it.

If we speak now of viruses, then it would be interesting once to learn something what is to be said about these all around at all, and this would be probably also quite important, but as a rule the populations learn about it in reality nothing. This, because the governing and their lackey-speakers and the like themselves know nothing, consequently, they never fulfill their duty and obligation at what they have to call at population-<information> and population-<enlightenment>, but only banal and pompous informationless nonsense rattle along and try to show who knows how intelligent faces, what is not only ridiculous, but roaringly lachrymose. And because this whole intelligent nonsense does not release any relevant information, which would be necessary to enlighten the people about what they actually have to do with and what they would have to orient themselves towards, in order to avoid problems, damages, mischief and death, so, on the one hand, everything is handled much too laxly by the populations concerning necessary safety measures, while, on the other hand, persons who are troublemakers, know-it-alls, contrarians or conspiracy theorists are, due to their inability to think, too stupid and dumb to understand the deadly seriousness of the matter, as is also the case with those know-it-alls and contrarians of virologists, etc., who are bean- and bean-less than the rest of the population. who are as dumb as straws.

As for those misguided and inept rulers and experts who only brag, they do so only because they themselves know nothing, which, on the contrary, would be their duty, so that they could inform the populations. In truth, however, they do not think thoroughly about the whole, consequently they only talk stupidly and irrelevantly and leave the informing to those experts who are also only loudmouthed and do not let those colleagues come to word who are effectively those who would know what would have to be done actually. Consequently, all those ineffectuals of the rulers and experts then have 2 ways, which they use to announce their ignorance, their half-wisdom and stupid nonsense on TV, radio or in newspapers etc., namely firstly by talking shop and throwing around technical terms incomprehensible for laymen in such a way that a normal citizen does not understand more than Hä or Paff. Secondly everything comes in such a way to the train, which corresponds to nothing else, than a completely senseless, empty, banal and up to the ridiculous, laughter roar, trivial and imbecile reaching gibberish, as this is done also by the majority of those governing and by the informing advanced by them in this way. And this happens unfortunately also with us in Switzerland, which is already reprimanded for some time by various neighboring states, because with the Swiss government an irresponsible inactivity prevails regarding the necessary safety precautions against the Corona epidemic. And when I observe on television the women and men in our Federal Council, as well as various women and men in the Council of States and National Council, as well as scientific experts, and take a look at their physiognomy when they speak, as well as hear what they say with a deadly serious face and with banal <wisdom>, then I feel affected and ashamed that we in Switzerland have such people in the Federal Government, in the Council of States and National Council, as well as in the Cantonal Council, etc. If I thereby look at all in the highest government, then I see there only one person, who exercises its job with sense and reason, also for Switzerland, whose population and its well-being really does what is good and right, not tongues with the EU dictatorship, as the primitive and dirty homeland and neutrality as well as peace traitors do, who want to sell out Switzerland to the EU dictatorship by mean lies and election tricks. In all this I see only that Federal Council, which really unflinchingly and cleanly takes his duty consciously seriously and works for it, and that the one who does everything right in terms of finances, etc., has a good flair for it and also no megalomaniacs, as is peculiar to the others.

Ptaah You say nevertheless sometimes <learned is learned>, and exactly that corresponds to what that part of the failing state leaders and scientists addressed by you has learned, namely inactivity, negligence, duty non-recognition and duty violation and irresponsibility etc., because they do not think and work in their government offices and science concerns for the populations, but only for the own wrong and selfish ambitions, wishes, desires and cravings. And this leads over everything, condemns everything of honor and dignity and leads to the betrayal of the homeland, to indifference against life and limb as well as quarrels, hatred and finally to war and murder. Therefore, it follows that the people in all the councils of the governments do not give any thought and do not feel any remorse about the fact that they – as a result of their inactivity as well as their incapacity, their deviant, treasonous attitude and their extremely poor understanding of bearing and taking responsibility, as now also with regard to the Corona plague – take upon themselves all the blame for the fact that many people are infected by the plague, fall ill through it and die from it.

What you have mentioned regarding the vaccinations against the Corona epidemic corresponds to what also corresponds to my opinion, because the fact that vaccinations of this kind can be carried out and even permitted at a completely wrong point in time is based on the fear and panic caused by the insufficient necessary explanations and information as well as orders, implementations and safety measures that should be taken against the Corona epidemic. In addition to these facts, it is unfortunate that even various scientific experts do not publicly provide any effective explanatory, relevant information, but only trivia or confused half-truths. And as often as I follow so-called descriptions, explanations, factual presentations and generally also allegedly significant conversations in television broadcasts by state leaders, politicians, scientists and experts, the whole thing always corresponds to nothing but banal gossip.

I am always disappointed to find that – especially in information broadcasts, explanations, talks, clarifications and disclosures etc., as well as in special broadcasts and press conferences concerning factual explanations etc., as everything is always called – on the one hand expertly insufficient knowledge of the facts to be discussed and carried out, whereby clear explanations are never present. On the other hand, everything is presented in such an uncomprehending, babbling and meaningless way, as if the speakers, who give banal and only halfway valuable explanations and conversations, were persons who correspond to nothing more than tiresome attempts of explanation, as these would be put forward by inexperienced half-grown people. Not infrequently I find the meaningless conversations and the gestures of speech etc. of the persons concerned extremely ridiculous, as well as their efforts to pretend to be important, knowledgeable, wise and professionally educated, which, on the contrary, visibly reveals an adolescence, stupidity and a poorly developed intellect. But now enough of that, because what you have suggested, that urges me to continue with my enumeration, which we have interrupted.

5) The mentioned vaccination against the Corona virus will already in a few weeks, when the new virus will be discovered, lead to claiming statements that the corresponding vaccine will also be successful against the now newly mutating virus. However, this will not correspond to the effective fact, but only depending on the case and situation, because also in this respect first basic tests would have to be carried out, which however will be missing and consequently then still no real guarantee for a Wrksamkeit can be given. However, this is not surprising, because immature things can never be provided with a security seal. The new virus will emerge independently in various states on the one hand, but on the other hand it will also be spread and …

Billy Excuse please again, because now I ask you nevertheless, whether then our clever virologists did not determine yet that also already again a further mutation of the virus is in the course? I have not heard or read anything about it, neither on the radio nor on television, nor has anything been written about it in any newspapers. At that time, together with your father Sfath, the two of us did not deal with the media either, so my memory could not register anything about it.

Ptaah Also, according to our observations, so far no findings have been established in this regard with any virologists, etc., but this will be in the middle of the following month. But now I really want to answer your questions and also come to your explanations. If …

Billy I see, but it will certainly still become that information about it will arise, because we have seen that from the month of September 2020 another new virus mutation will arise, about which first a lot of fuss will be made, but then the whole thing will be neglected again in the course of time as usual and will be spread all over the world by tourists and business people. The same will happen with new mutations, which will quickly follow the first new mutation in other countries far in the south and then in the east of the earth. And concerning the spreading of the new virus mutations nothing will change, because as already at the beginning of the epidemic, also this time flying is not forbidden in spite of everything, as it should be. Consequently, the whole thing will not even be restricted to such an extent that the passengers will necessarily be subjected to such health checks and quarantine before and after each flight that any further spread will be highly unlikely or effectively impossible.

But as far as the new mutation is concerned, which is already on its way since September, which nobody knows yet, because up to now nothing has been determined, but this is yet to come, this new mutation is in reality not only one new mutation, but, as I said, other new mutations are developing at the same time, which will break out next month and also next year in January as well as afterwards. And this will happen far in southern and in western countries, as well as far in the east of the earth. I simply found this important to still say and to interrupt you therefore in your execution. If you could explain now, however, also once some, how and what e.g. a virus is, then those people who read our conversation reports could inform themselves something, what it is really about these unpleasant structures. Also it would be interesting to know how many of all existing life forms on earth can be infected by viruses at all, if you know that? I think that you know much more about this than our experts, who on the one hand always want to know everything better than the facts really are, while on the other hand only about 1/10 to 1/12 of all genera and species of life forms existing on earth are known.

Ptaah That is so, yes, but about what you want to know, I have certain details that I can retrieve if you want?

Billy Of course.

Ptaah Well, it takes some time … … Here, … this data indicates what you want to know, which is, … , yes, … according to our researches and findings, which we have carried out and worked out so far concerning living beings on earth, the following results:

6) On a total planetary basis, there are 4 million 101 thousand and 374 different recent species of life forms on earth in all land, floodplain, mountain, forest, marsh and swamp areas, as well as in all fresh waters and salty seas, whose cells or protective cover can be attacked by viruses, become diseased by them and die.

Billy Coming back to what you said earlier: Recent species, that sounds like Bohemian forests for the earthling normal citizenry, because in the preschool, primary and secondary schools no actual biology lessons are given. Also in my school days biology was taught only very sparsely, but I was very interested in this subject, so I knew more than my teachers. That was also the reason why I sometimes went out with the class in nature, while the teacher corrected the dictation books of the class in the classroom. But what you said, I mean the term <recent species>, I think it should be said to this that it does not mean <recent food>, because <recent> in this sense means culinary, for example, hearty, strong, spicy, spicy or spicy, and so on. Recent, however, as you have used this term, which is correct, means in the biological sense mentioned <presently living> (or recently lived) and thus therefore that the recent species mentioned live in the geological present. Recent species, however, also applies to present (or past) states or processes, etc.

Ptaah I should have explained this actually, what I have missed, however, because I wanted to point out that I should explain some things in detail concerning your questions and explanations and explain some things for the better understanding and as memory support, some things just repetitively, divergently, paraphrasing and inconsequentially explained. This exactly therefore, as you have just said and done it, so that it is understood also by persons who are not educated due to lack of school instruction concerning certain fields of knowledge and are therefore also not knowledgeable of certain terms. But now the following:

7) What will result from the negligently carried out and untested as well as immature vaccines for a long time, we have not researched yet, consequently I cannot mention any foreseeable possibilities for it yet. What is certain for us, however, is that such vaccinations with untested substances are not only negligent, but irresponsible, which can have serious consequences under certain circumstances.

a) In principle, vaccines and medicines should only be used after long-term testing, and only if no side effects of any kind are apparent, either immediate or delayed. To our knowledge, however, many of the more than 55,000 officially medically recognized drugs known to us are not mature, not pure, and therefore dangerous to health, because many cause side effects that can range from mild to severe or even fatal.

b) As we know, there is another dangerous medical factor regarding medicinal treatments in earthly medicine, and that is that it is unknown in medical science that medicines are to be used specifically for people, depending on certain organic conditions etc., such as the blood group as well as the tolerance of substances foreign to the organism etc.

c) Foreign organism substances correspond to toxins that attack the entire human organism, docking to different receptors in it, attacking and acutely poisoning the organs thus affected, mainly affecting the liver, whereby hepatotoxins, e.g., by paracetin, are used. Hepatotoxins, e.g. para- cetamol, nephrotoxins in the kidneys, as well as nerve poisons such as botulinum toxin in the brain and nerves, and warfare agents such as VX, sarin, soman, etc. are known to be dangerous to health in earthly medicine and chemistry.

d) Poisons correspond to substances, which can affect all body functions disturbingly, whereby disease signs and suffering are caused, which affect short or long term, can entail late consequences or lead to death. And such toxins are also inherent in the majority of all earthly medicines, as well as certain foods and stimulants, such as alcohol, drugs, sweeteners, as well as various berries, spices and mushrooms, fruits and vegetables, etc., which have numbing, function-impairing and destructive effects on the central nervous system, sometimes even in minimal quantities. It is true that the human organism has certain defense mechanisms of its own, whereby undesirable foreign substances and toxins can be degraded to a certain degree by an endogenous enzyme, whereby especially the liver and the areas of the intestines, among others, have defense and neutralization capabilities to a certain degree. However, there are limits to all this, because even a little can be too much and lead to serious health-damaging consequences, because if the measure of the processing possibility is exceeded, then the cells and the entire organism are poisoned, whereby suffering and diseases are unavoidable or lead to death.

e) Most harmful foreign substances and effective poisons can be deposited and spread especially in fat deposits, which makes it especially easy for them to penetrate into cells of the organism, and this occurs especially in the intestinal areas, whereby there is then the danger that the toxins pass through the intestinal wall and consequently enter the bloodstream.

f) Toxins that enter the intestinal system as medicines or with food are blocked in the intestinal wall, which acts like an internal protective skin, and this process occurs through certain proteins that have an inhibitory effect as a protective mechanism. However, if the intestines are overloaded with invading toxins, these foreign substances enter the blood, and the organism or the body starts to defend itself with a further strategy, and in this process the liver is stressed, in which the toxins contained in the blood are enriched in the liver and changed in such a way that they can no longer bind to the fat, but lose this ability and also can no longer penetrate into the body cells and cause serious damage in them. During this process, degradation products are produced, which are, however, harmless and also lose some of their toxicity. The liver enzymes also convert the fat-requiring molecules into water-soluble ones, which are then excreted with the urine, whereby the organism gets rid of the harmful substances in this way.

g) Basically, a distinction must be made between corrosive, anesthetic and irritant toxins, whereby such foreign substances often cause vomiting and severe pain.

1. stupefying toxins are, for example, the foreign substances which are very harmful to health and, moreover, irresponsibly used in cosmetic surgery, which are misused for skin smoothing and skin padding, etc., such as, in particular, the botulinus toxin produced by bacteria, which is called Botox and is produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. It is one of the strongest poisons of all, which can be misused for such purposes and cause very severe poisoning.

2. corrosive toxins are ammonia, alkali, phenol, hydrochloric acid and other acids, and they destroy skin cells, as well as the mucous membrane of the mouth, throat and stomach, if they get into the mouth.

3. irritants are e.g. iodine and mercury, which cause inflammation of the mucous membranes.

4. narcotic toxins attack the central nervous system, but they also affect the vital organs, especially the liver ‘, the heart, the lungs and the kidneys.

5. toxins of all kinds generally affect the respiratory and circulatory systems, often causing delirium or coma, as well as very painful seizures.

Billy If I may interrupt you once again: The thingamajig mentioned by you, Botox, is a very heavy nerve poison, which causes a poisoning by spoiled food, if it gets into the body of the human being or of mammals, triggers heavy different health-damaging late effects, namely up to body damages, walking disabilities, disease susceptibility and suffering of various kinds as well as to infirmity, Alzheimer and dementia. In addition I remember that Sfath explained, when we observed women and men, who let themselves mistreat with poison injections and ointments for their alleged <beauty improvement>, whereby he called the poison used for it Botudingsbum, even Botox, and said that the earthlings of both sexes would make this in the future as a result of a beauty mania without hesitation the rule and would endanger thereby strongly their health. The term just does not want to enter my consciousness, because perhaps my head is too small.

Well, what I do know about it is that this nerve poison, which nowadays women and men have injected into their bodies, faces, buttocks, etc., is injected in a highly diluted form to smooth wrinkles and cushion the skin, etc., or rubbed in with ointments. This nerve poison is well known and has already developed in antiquity in vessels in which meat was preserved, whereby this then spoiled as a result of bad preservation and this very botudings poison developed, as I have seen together with Sfath and received from him the necessary explanations about it and have also seen how in people who had eaten spoiled meat, breathing slowly failed, they gasped convulsively for air, and then died painfully miserable.

The whole of this nerve poisoning has survived through all time until modern times, but it did not become officially known until the canned goods were invented and these were mass produced. Meat was then also preserved in these, but the same thing happened as it had already happened in antiquity, when the nerve poison developed in spoiled meat containers, according to which Sfath then explained everything to me and also gave me the opportunity to observe the Botox craze in modern times. Botulism used to be a feared, often fatal poisoning.

Ptaah The facts around the Botulinumtoxin are well-known to me, however which you explain regarding the experienced together with my father Sfath, so I did not come across appropriate notes with his annals concerning this yet. Now I should answer however further your questions, then in addition thus the following:

8) Viruses are a kind of small parasites, which infect foreign host cells and spread rapidly. It is an organic structure consisting of one or more molecules, which, depending on the species, contain a certain genetic material in the form of pathogens. And when viruses enter the human organism or its cells, they bind to them and force them, so to speak, to produce new viruses through their carried genetic material. This process is repeated very quickly and repeatedly until the entire organism is infected with viruses. If the pathogens are noticed by the immune system, then it activates, whereby the body’s own defenses begin to fight the virus. This can work very well with some virus infestations or with certain diseases, whereas against other viruses and diseases the immune system of the organism is completely powerless in the long run, consequently the virus and the disease can be fought and put out of action only by appropriately effective natural or artificial-chemical substances or other methods.

9) Viruses as organic structures are very diverse, as well as extremely changeable in their nature, consequently they can change their nature by mutation and change into new forms with completely new compositions and properties and weaken or strengthen themselves in their power and aggressiveness.

10) On the earth exist about 2.5 million different virus kinds – as everywhere on living world bodies in all universes a several million comprehensive number of diverse virus kinds are given. These cause also on all world bodies of all universes certain effects which reach from harmless over annoying to deadly.

11) Viruses, how dangerous they are according to their kind, that is determined not only by the pathogens, which they hold in themselves, but quite particularly is concerning their dangerousness also the condition of the immune system of humans of importance. Connected with it and dependent on it is also the physical resp. the whole-organic and with it the consciousness-conditioned state of health and the psychological condition of the human being, if he is attacked by a virus.

This means that young, elderly and old people, who are completely healthy and provided with all vital substances – such as vitamins and minerals as well as trace elements etc. – and thus have a completely well-functioning immune system, are well armed against pathogens. This is also true, for example, against the corona virus or a flu virus, etc., which do not represent a particularly critical danger if the immune system is fully functional. This is because the own organ defense resp. the immune system can ward off the pathogens and keep them under control. However, and this must be absolutely clear, this does not mean that all safety and precautionary measures against viruses, bacteria, micro-organisms, spores and other pathogens should be disregarded. This is not because absolute safety can never be provided, because the biological life rhythm of man is also significantly involved in the immune system, because this life-conditional rhythm inevitably exerts an enormous influence on the immune system through its up and down fluctuating state of strength. The force rhythm resp. bio-life rhythm of Homo sapiens sapiens in all 7 universes and all their dimensions and space-time structures uniformly shows a period of 23 days, where 11 1⁄2 days are exposed to a plus phase resp. an energy peak phase, a higher organic load capacity and thus a less health-damaging possibility of attack, consequently the organism can use more active and loadable forces.

The other 11 1⁄2 days, the bio-life rhythm has a minus phase, making the organic stability more labile and unstable to pathogens and virus attacks, etc. Also, the whole organism tires faster and becomes more susceptible to attacks harmful to health, consequently it also requires more time for its recovery. After 23 days, the rhythm starts again from the beginning, including the thought-feeling-psyche state, whose period lasts not only 23, but 33 days.

What is to be said further to the explained, that refers to the fact that this teaching of the bio-life rhythm does not lead back to an earthly and also not to an esoteric assertion, but is founded in a million years old Pleiari knowledge, which my father Sfath brought to earth and passed on this in the year 1888 as a teaching to the psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud and a physician, Wilhelm Fliess, with whom he maintained active contacts up to the year 1921, as I have learned from his annals.

Since then this teaching was preserved, although it is questioned until today by know-it-alls, negators and doubters, as it is usual from the earth people since ancient times, as you know, because the <experts> appearing for this purpose until today are neither able to fathom nor to prove the correctness of the teaching, what they are also not able to do for a longer time. It is …

Billy Excuse me, if I interrupt you again, because I would like to say something in addition, which I got explained and also learned from Sfath, because he told me what you have just said, but he also said that this teaching, which he had handed over to Freud and Fliess – I had forgotten the name Fliess and became aware of it again only now, since you have mentioned it – had been taken over later still by another man, to which Sfath then, however, said nothing more to me. Nevertheless, he has introduced me to some of this teaching, which I can perhaps still bring together from my memory, if you mean, I …

Ptaah Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Billy Good. – Thank you. Then the following: The biorhythm with its oscillation strengths already begins with the birth and oscillates over the thought-feeling-psychic state in always the same phases through the entire life up to the death, with which the body passes away resp. the entire organism dies. The biorhythm oscillations and their periods are unchangeably the same with all humans and can be changed or prevented by no interferences. To what extent these oscillations in their strengths are decisive for the individual human being and how they work out, can basically be perceived, judged and made use of by everyone himself, if he is attentive and aligns himself with them. This depends on the attitude towards oneself and one’s personal behavior. The way he aligns himself to it, in a negative or positive way, accordingly he strengthens or negates his biorhythmic oscillation strengths to his overall discomfort or well-being, as well as with regard to his mood and his resulting behaviors, which he brings to bear towards his fellow men and the whole environment.

When I consider that countless people are manic-depressive and therefore experience their whole life in a hellishly extreme way in constant ups and downs, are dissatisfied, spiteful, attacking and malicious, because they do not control their bio-rhythm of life, but simply let themselves drift into the day and into life in an uncontrolled and senseless way, then I dread to think. Again and again I ask myself what would be and what it would mean for these people if they knew for sure what the next morning and the whole next day would bring them in terms of great successes, joys and valuable things or if they would simply succeed in everything, if they would grow beyond themselves. This on the one hand, but on the other hand I ask myself what they would do if they knew that they would get into something within hours or on the next day and that it would bring them only disadvantages, trouble or losses, as well as sorrow or grief, where simply everything would go wrong. In addition I think that these people would not understand anything at all and would probably shortly shoot themselves out of their lives, hang themselves, drown themselves or jump to their death.

Ptaah That is absolutely correct, and besides, your memory is unimpeachably correct. But for my part, I have long since given up being amazed at how briefly and precisely you are able to describe facts that are difficult to describe in a concise yet comprehensive manner. Besides, I know from my father’s annals that also you could explain some things concerning viruses, like also bacteria, for which you ask me, however, to do it.

Billy You are, after all, the doctor, virologist and some other, consequently you understand better what is given in these contexts, because you have learned the whole thing besides various other 20 or 30 other occupations. Consequently, you are the expert, and so, even if I wanted to, I could not outrank you in any way. The little that I know never comes close to your knowledge and does not even correspond to the slightest reflection of what …

Ptaah So, now I interrupt you, because I have to interject that it is probably not necessary for you to say more about it, because when it comes to appreciating it, you only counter and put, as you always say once in a while on some occasion, <the light under the bushel>, which apparently follows all your personalities since the time of Nokodemion, because in very old records I was able to read some time ago that this catchword was also recorded in the annals of other heralds of your lineage and was handed down again and again.

Billy So? Is simply so. With everything what you explain, it would be probably also still important to say briefly something to the protective mask carrying and distance from one humans to the next humans.

Ptaah I will do that then. But first I want to continue with my explanations concerning the Corona plague, in order to explain some things in this regard, which you have asked for.

12) Regarding sickly or otherwise health-weak, as well as completely healthy children a susceptibility can exist in relation to the Corona virus, this contrary to other assertions of earthly physicians etc.. So, children can be infected as well as old people who are prone to illness or chronically ill, for whom an infection by the Corona virus can not only be dangerous but fatal. Even a flu should not be self-medicated for this group of people, but a doctor should be consulted. It is a fact that for a large part of the population influenza is not life-threatening, but simply annoying and harmless, but in case of such diseases their nature should be determined, because there are other viral diseases than just the corona virus, such as the HI virus, which means a death sentence if it is not treated by a specialist.

13) Besides the viruses, there are mainly bacteria as pathogens. Bacteria are, however, depending on the type, also necessary and important for all life, so there are differences between viruses and bacteria in this respect. Both bacteria and viruses can cause diseases, but they are fundamentally different from each other.

14) Bacteria are unicellular organisms, and they have their own metabolism and thus a life dynamic, so that they, in contrast to viruses, correspond to real life forms. In contrast to bacteria, viruses consist exclusively of a powdery protein shell in which genetic information is enclosed. Since however the conditions and abilities, as the bacteria these exhibit, are not present with the viruses and these also no metabolism have, then this is the fundamental fact for the fact that they cannot multiply themselves, but require for it a host cell in an organism.

15) Contrary to viruses, bacteria reproduce independently by cell division, and unlike viruses, many species of bacteria are very useful and vital to many forms of life and do not cause harm, such as intestinal bacteria ensure health and life.

16) What we already know with regard to the new virus versions that will emerge next month – it will not remain with only one, because there will be gradually several – the currently still mutating virus degenerates this time into a much more aggressive form than all the many mutations that have emerged so far from the basic strain, but you have known this for over 70 years. Our latest research now indicates that the next, the newly emerging mutation variation will be much more aggressive than the previous one. Also this new virus does not develop resp. mutate only at one place, as will be assumed erroneously, but worldwide everywhere, however basically in different species, depending on the respective given climatic conditions of the mutation places. So the new emerging Corona viruses will be recognizably different, like e.g. the one emerging in Great Britain and another one in the South African area. This, however, should actually be known to terrestrial virologists. Therefore it will be incomprehensible that, as it will come, a wrong assumption will arise that it must be carried away from the place of the first detection in order to spread. Indeed, this has already resulted after our determinations, but nevertheless the fact of the worldwide mutating remains, that is and remains fact, as that will be generally always sooner or later so. This, because for this most different circumstances in the diverse countries are significantly authoritative.

17) As usually all kinds of viruses change mutatingly, so the Corona virus changed already from the ground up, when it was released for the first time in the 1970s and crept into influenza viruses and could preserve and develop itself in them for more than 20 years. This without the earthly scientists dealing with it becoming aware of it, but only when the virus mutated into its own new species and excreted again and emerged as the SARS epidemic. However, I can consider this as understandable, because such a process, that a virus can bind itself into a foreign virus and develop over long time in this to a new structure, is completely unknown to the earthly specialists of the virology etc., and besides such occurrences occur so extremely rarely that this occurrence has arisen according to our research knowledge during the last 12 million years on the earth only 2 times, but together with the present event it arises now for the 3rd time.

18) Substantively, the virus is usually called male, and this does not correspond to a life form, but to a lifeless organic structure, which cannot be killed, but only destabilized, deactivated and destroyed by organic substances etc., which are very harmful for this. And this can result, if the organism is attacked by viruses, on the one hand only in connection with the activity of the cells, into which the virus penetrates, if by various substances defense reactions are activated and released, which attack the virus. If this results, then this is put by a deactivation in such a way out of function, by a disinfection, sterilization and/or a deactivation takes place. So the result is that the virus loses its infectivity and becomes absolutely inactive. Viruses, as already explained several times, are no life forms, no germs and no independent living organisms, therefore they cannot be killed.

However, there are various possibilities and methods for the elimination of viruses of all kinds, such as the use of

1. various natural substances

2. chemically created substances

3. heat irradiation

4. exposure to radiation

5. special methods of technical kind

19) The infectivity resp. Infectivity of viruses is described in terrestrial medicine as the ability of a pathogen to infect, infect and/or damage the cells of a foreign organism, whereby in addition to bacteria, fungi, protozoa or parasites, also poisons, microorganisms and ionizing radiation, as well as parasitic molecules such as viruses, viroids, transposons and prions are to be mentioned, which due to their parasitic organism and their pathogenicity resp. their ability to cause pathological changes via the infected host cells. The parasitic molecules are viruses, viroids, transposons and prions which, due to their parasitic organism and their pathogenicity or their ability to cause pathological changes and diseases in parts or in the whole of the organism via the infected host cells.

The whole of all processes related to infectivity is based on the dependence on pathogenicity factors and thus on the ability of the corresponding pathogen to infect a cell and to cause in it a very rapid and mass reproduction of its kind, which spreads very quickly invading the cell system. The infectivity of the virus depends on the pathogenicity factors, whereby their number of newly formed pathogens per cell have the contagiosity or the strength of the actual infection state and thus also the effective epidemiological RO value of the pathogen.

20) The infectivity of viruses can only be counteracted in such a beneficial way if appropriate protective measures are observed, taken, handled correctly and carried out moderately. And in this respect the wearing of suitable respirators of a valuable class is to be considered as the very first measure and importance. As far as the earthly classes of respirators are concerned, which are also used as protective masks against saliva droplets and respiratory aerosols, these are generally simply protective masks in 3 different classes, namely FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3, with additional quality and test designations, as well as information on their usability and the purpose for which they can be used. The quality and service life of the protective masks is also shown, as well as the procedures for responsible disposal after use, etc.

21) With regard to the infectivity of viruses, it is very urgent to keep a distance from person to person, which must be assessed and maintained according to the type of air movement.

a) A suitable respiratory mask must be worn in all places when dealing with strangers, and the necessary distance from person to person must be maintained.

b) It is obligatory for known or unknown persons, who enter the personal living area of other persons or an apartment-house community, to wear a high-quality respiratory protection mask, which also applies to relatives, acquaintances, friends or members of a group living outside. The behavior in this regard is up to each person to decide and take responsibility for himself/herself. As far as the residents themselves should wear a valuable mask, whether this is necessary or not, the decision for this is in the personal responsibility.

c) At workplaces, the necessary obligation to keep a distance from person to person must be observed under all circumstances, whereby the distance without wearing a respirator mask should be 2 meters in calm room air. If the distance from person to person is less than the necessary distance during work activities due to a lack of space or due to working conditions, then the wearing of a high-quality respiratory protective mask is an absolute and unavoidable duty that must be observed.

d) In the own household resp. in the personal living quarters etc. no respiratory protection masks are to be worn, which must be however under circumstances nevertheless immediately, if this requires an entrance of strange persons into the dwelling. This may be especially necessary and an absolute requirement when dealing with strangers whose stranger behavior is not known and cannot be assessed.

e) In closed rooms with quiet air, a distance of approx. 1 to 1.5 meters between persons is sufficient if there is a certain degree of certainty that they will not be infected. The necessary situational behavior and the knowledge of the personal circumstances with regard to other contact with strangers, as well as with regard to the personal state of health, correspond to the direct perception of responsibility of each individual person.

f) Closed rooms in which several persons stay for a longer period of time should be well ventilated from time to time and also lightly dusted with a disinfecting room spray, but outside the time when persons are in the room or enter it again immediately.

Contrary to erroneous assumptions and incorrect advice from <professionals> that windows and doors should be opened all around in rooms occupied by people during disease incidents, this is fundamentally wrong, because it usually creates a draught of air, whereby if a person is infected by pathogens, he or she exhales infecting aerosols and may also spread droplets of saliva around the room, which are then inhaled by other people present and infect them.

In rooms where people are present, fresh air should be admitted, but a window or door may only be opened in gaps so that there is no draught.

g) Depending on the situation, a distance of 1.5 meters should generally be considered appropriate outdoors when there is no movement of outside air. In case of slight air movement, a distance of 2 meters or more from one person to the other is unavoidable. It should also be noted that the distance should be increased according to stronger air movement caused by wind or drafts.

Billy Once again – sorry to interrupt you again. I understood everything up to the Ro value, but this Ro value, I don’t know what it means. And I would like to ask you about the term, which results in this ominous Ro value. The contagiosity shows, if I try to formulate and interpret the whole thing correctly, that with it the strength of the pathogen or its lightness or severity is determined, but with it also how easy or difficult a pathogen can be transmitted to cells or host cells via the different infection possibilities or on pathogen-typical ways.

In my opinion, I think that it would be important for us medical laymen to know something about this, because a certain knowledge of infectivity and contagiousness would allow us to estimate what should be done medically in terms of whether or not a doctor should be consulted in the case of health complaints or an effective disease. For humans it is important to understand and to be able to judge, which kind of pathogen could be responsible for his health damage, in order to be able to estimate, how he should behave with an illness and/or with the outbreak of such. In particular, it would be very important for every human being to know, like now with the Corona epidemic, how, what and if he can do something helpful regarding a protection and preservation of health for himself as well as for the fellow human beings. In particular, as is the case with the Corona epidemic, hygienic or epidemic-hygienic measures are necessary, such as total isolation or quarantine for a certain period of time. All this would be important for every human being to know, in order to behave correctly and thus also to be able to consciously perceive his responsibility for himself and towards his fellow human beings and the entire environment.

Well, my thoughts, which I make myself around the whole of the Corona plague and around many other things, write down and already since my youth and already for over 75 years again and again with the help of benevolent like-minded, responsible and around the well-being and continuance of the earth humanity, the planet, all ecosystems, nature and their fauna and flora as well as the atmosphere and the climate into the world out spread, falls unfortunately only on small fertile grounds. Unfortunately, consequently, only a few people can be reached by this, who will take my words up and seriously, and then think about them and follow them, and will actually do it.

Ptaah Everything what you have said is correct, unfortunately also what you have called with your last exposition. However, since you have understood everything that I explained, in my opinion correctly, so I must answer your question of understanding also no more, but only describe the Ro value. This is a basic reproduction number to be calculated, by which it is indicated how many people on the average are affected by a thing or are interested in a thing etc.. This, as in relation to our conversation resp. the whole thing, which refers to the Corona plague, resp. which result of the Ro-value results in relation to the numbers of infected persons.

Usually these values are estimated with the help of mathematical models, where the estimated values depend on the used model and the values of other parameters. It is necessary to know that there is a difference in the relationship whether the values are calculated for a whole population of a place or a country, because depending on this, sometimes very rough average numbers or only smaller numbers can be considered. Attention is paid to whether warnings have been given and whether these are followed by the population or not, as well as whether distance or quarantine rules have been implemented. A basic reproduction figure allows conclusions to be drawn with regard to the dynamics of a disease outbreak, but the whole thing must be viewed and evaluated with a certain distance, because basically such calculations and data are not very meaningful. Therefore, for such calculations, additional parameters have to be taken into account, if a correct result for the effects of a thing is to be interpreted and a reasonably correct degree of evaluation is to be determined. In any case, however, the whole thing always remains a hypothesis and thus an estimate.

Billy I see. – So in short: If I now summarize everything of your explanations, then I can say that the whole thing is explained sufficiently enough, but it is only of use to people if they learn a lesson from it, memorize the information and observe and follow the correspondingly necessary as well as life-saving protective measures.

Ptaah Yes. But what I want to mention in advance, that concerns what you mentioned, which is that by the end of Novem- ber, officially soon <about 80> million people will be infected with the Corona virus, which will not be in doubt. So, we also did our own further projection and realized that this number will be far exceeded by the end of the year. This, while the death toll of over 2 million will remain as you have stated.

Billy Good, thank you. But then there is one more thing coming up, which is a brief description of the viruses, their structure and their reactio- ns, etc., if you want to elaborate on that, please.

Ptaah Of course, I can do that. So then the following about this:

22) When a virus is combated by any substances, by the immune system, organic reactions take place in it, which have a damaging effect on it, soften the virus shell, break it open and destroy the powdery contents.

a) Every virus of any kind is designed to find a suitable host from scratch, to attack it, to infiltrate it, to combine with it, to adapt to it and thus to infect it with its own inherent pathogen.

b) As far as a description of the corona virus facts is concerned, which you have probably addressed with your question, I do not want to go too far in this respect and only mention the most important things, because detailed explanations would lead too far. The explanations concerning the structure and the classification of the details of viruses I want to present as follows:

c) A virus does not correspond to a life form – as I have often explained in discussions – but to a tiny, infectious organic structure, which consists neither of one nor of several cells, and cannot be killed, but only destroyed and dissolved.

d) Viruses are extracellular structures that spread outside cells by entering a body and its organism or cells through a transmission or infection process.

e) A single virus particle is called a virion, viria, virions or viron when it is outside a cell. Viruses infect cells of life forms that are called eukaryotes or eukaryotes, i.e. humans, animals, animals as well as plants and fungi, however, it is a special area of these life forms, namely their cells, which have a true cell nucleus and a diverse compartmentalization or internal subdivision. This distinguishes them in a special way from the other two system areas of life forms, because these have prokaryotes resp. prokaryotic resp. cellular bacteria and archaea, which each form their own areas and are classified in all life forms as cellular forms.

f) A virus has a filled powdery nucleic acid core, is shaped like a spherical polyhedron and has several planes, faces and polygons, whereby the core is the actual carrier of the virus’ own hereditary information. The virus as such is surrounded by a protein envelope, which consists of an arrangement of interrelated units of protein molecules.

g) Viruses comprise, as far as we know, a number of more than 2.5 million virus genera and virus species on earth, and these usually correspond to pathogens, although this is not always the case. Certain virus genera and their kinds are quite also useful, which is however to my knowledge of the terrestrial virology science so far still little or completely unknown. The fact is, however, that this is just as much the case with the viruses as with regard to bacteria.

Concerning the ignorance of the earthly scientific researches, the scientists probably strive for a lot, however, not seldom they fall into a certain narrow-mindedness and are then thought that they are now knowledge of all wisdom and have a complete control over all things, what then leads to the fallow.

h) Regarding the fight against viruses, special antibiotics or antidotes are necessary, because viruses are completely insensitive to antibiotics, which are otherwise very effective as a pharmaceutical product against bacterial pathogens. Against a few viruses known to earthly medicine and virology, preventive vaccinations can be useful. However, if a person is infected by a virus and survives the viral disease, antibodies are formed, which usually results in a lifelong specific immunity against the corresponding pathogen, but effectively only as a rule, because this immunity does not correspond to a guarantee in every case.

i) Many virus infections, which occur only stationary resp. in one or few people, can be cited as harmless, but contrary to this others are life-threatening, whereby their course often leads to the death of the virus diseased, as again others, which lead to epidemics and pandemics, spread worldwide and cause small or large masses of fatalities.

Billy Viruses can be negative as well as positive, like bacteria as well as life forms of all genera and species, and these, depending on the species, can infect not only humans, but also plant and animal, animal and other life forms. Thereby they can be useless, sickening and deadly for them, as well as positive, good, vital and thus valuable. While with life-forms usually their negative and positive appear in a separate and thus each own female and male sexuality, so it behaves with the viruses differently, which is unknown to the earthly scientists, however, according to the explanations of Sfath and also you, whereby they have also no possibility up to now to explore this and to recognize. With it I mean that that viruses are not only one-pole in themselves, but two-pole resp. negative and positive, by which they have only the ability to multiply themselves.

Already in the 1940s your father Sfath explained to me many things concerning viruses and also said that in the second half of the 20th century viruses would be used also in the earthly genetic engineering to make possible a purposeful transfer of hereditary substances between different cells. In this way, he explained, ultimately both living beings would be changed in their habitus, respectively in their appearance, in their gestures as well as in the totality of their preferences and habits, in their characteristics and proportions as well as in their behaviors etc.. Further also genetically conditioned defense germs against suffering, illnesses and epidemics would be created, whereby determined resp. fixed viruses with certain hereditary information etc. would be <vaccinated>. are <vaccinated>, whereby new medicines would be created, like e.g. active substances against allergies of all kinds, like e.g. against the widely known nut allergies, whereby in contrast to this pine nuts, sunflower seeds, linseeds, poppy seeds and pumpkin seeds usually do not contain dangerous allergens. On the contrary, this is the case with nuts, which con

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